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  1. I mean, the script was fucking awful, and Lucas is a terrible director. Visionary, sure, but he's a dreadful director. I don't think Hayden's the problem.
  2. You're a proper knob if you think the prequels are better films than the sequels, as flawed and disappointing in parts as they are.
  3. Play a lot of single player games, but I just can't dedicate myself enough to one game to be good enough to warrant Online.
  4. Yeah it's weird, all the radio promos here are saying the same. But I suspect that just means "IT'S NOT THE SAME STAGE AS TWO YEARS AGO PLEASE BUY TICKETS" I'll go if they play new music before then, to embrace the shit.
  5. There was an old MyGNR user called bacardimayne. Never recovered after I called him a cunt that one time.
  6. Oh mother of christ. That's a time machine right there
  7. Guns N' Roses trying their best to make the Not In This Lifetime Tour last an entire lifetime.
  8. I adore the thought of Devious Bastard or Dummy slowly leading into This I Love on the album
  9. We could've had a 2000/01 WWF video package use one of these songs if it wasn't for that lazy fuck. Unforgivable that fat fuck off riff in dummy being used to clips of austin and triple h beating the fuck out of each other fuck you axl
  10. God fucking damn these are some quality instrumentals. All you can really say is they've good potential at this stage... but fuck.
  11. I unironically like Axl's take on Slither. If he could actually get the performance down it'd be swell.
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