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  1. Conor

    Design a Fat Axl poster and WIN

    Could someone draw AC/DC hanging out in a treehouse, and Axl's too fat to climb up and join them?
  2. Remember when Body Of Lies came out, and a bunch of sweaty testicles sat through the credits just to hear If The World a few weeks early? "I can't believe you people are leaving, you're mishing hishtory here!"
  3. Conor

    Why is Chinese Democracy removed from Spotify US?

    Ulrich Schnauss must have won the lawsuit.
  4. Conor

    How did Axl blow it with AC/DC?

    Was there ever a soundboard quality show from Axl/DC at the very least?
  5. Conor

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    😰 Been a hot old summer.
  6. Conor

    Where's Maynard?

    Especially now, I think half of all banned users are my doing.
  7. I kind'a dig the S H I T E version of Wichita Lineman.

    1. Ragnar


      Wichita Lineshit.

    2. GUNNER


      We shit a line, man.

    3. ManetsBR
  8. Conor

    *Possibly* Scraped, terrible quality recording

    That's not even the real question here. Why are there numerous other Miss Piggys lying motionless (well, they're all motionless) next to them?
  9. Conor

    GNR Cornholes Fans Again

    I met Del once. Told him I never read his book.
  10. Conor

    The General (Evader version)

    He made it based on the recording we’ve already heard. It’s mighty impressive really, but I’d expect nothing less from evader. This is what people were referring to when they said that the studio version had leaked in full.
  11. Conor


    I hear Bernadette and Mr. America are keen to stick around.
  12. Conor

    Invision Community 4.3.5

    Oh those bring me back! Thanks JB. I think the Chinese symbols in the background there actually spell something, can't for the life of me remember what. I really hope it's SHIT.
  13. Conor

    Duff N Bach - Patience

    So Gilby's finally made it off the bottom.