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  1. Wish you and your family the best, difficult time to get through but keep at it as best you can.
  2. Start at Season 2, and continue through to Season 10. Peak is 4 - 6, but you should really be fairly set with everything between 3-9.
  3. Clear evidence that Guns N' Roses songs sound better when recorded with a potato.
  4. I can't believe he was only 49, that's insane. Saw them live at a festival a few years ago, you certainly need to be off your nut to fully appreciate it, but it was certainly memorable. Sad to see him go, and sad to see him go like that.
  5. They identified as a Guns N' Roses band and in 2019 you have to respect that choice.
  6. Maybe do sign-ups like... a month in advance?
  7. I thought it was going to be a book about how Axl never told him anything.
  8. You're entirely right, but the games are normally too short and with the same people over and over that there's little else to go on. I'll be sitting this one out, I'd like to get more people involved and play a larger game at some stage down the line, but going through the motions with the same players every few months isn't going to help set that up.
  9. In our defence, you are always all over the place and sometimes I'm not even sure you check your role before playing.
  10. Great shout. Merry Christmas Josh!
  11. Guns N' Roses officially the second grossest band this year 1st
  12. Excuse me mr @John Bonham but why is the true festive treat Santa With Muscles not on the list? Famous professional sports icon Hulk Hogan plays a millionaire meathead bodybuilder (a reference to professional sports icon daddy Vince McMahon) who is chased by police while playing paintball. He disguises himself as Santa to avoid the narcs, and accidentally clonks his noggin. Upon coming to, he hilariously believes himself to be Santa Claus, and all sorts of fantastic hijinx occur. It features a slow-motion shot of Hulk Hogan drinking milk, a young Mila Kunis who turned out to be a total hottie, Hulk Hogan who already was a total hottie, and a slow-motion shot of Hulk Hogan drinking milk. Please consider doing your research before making another list.
  13. I won't rest until Elf is destroyed.
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