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  1. Possibly to make Driving Rain look like something of an improvement afterwards.
  2. same shape as the potato they used to record the ritz in '88
  3. was that what the fuck that was I've seen Axl and friends pull out some extended piano jams but fuck me this drained everyone there.
  4. The show in 2010 was considerably better. It was certainly serviceable, but a bit uninteresting. They didn’t even play many of the better Slash songs. Todd Kerns was fun. Slash himself was good fun. But overall at the lower end of any Guns related shows I’ve been to.
  5. Various boutiques. An Ulster Fry should contain everything though, with an emphasis on everything. It seems like it's the only one that has the goods. Key products being potato bread (different name elsewhere) and black pudding (different name elsewhere). "I'm here to make money, wages plus tips, for pouring water into sinking ships." Slash was fun, but Guns N' Roses are kind'a shit.
  6. There were an awful lot of low points for his most recent songs, but surprisingly big cheers for the likes of Back From Cali and Dr Alibi or whatever it’s called. By The Sword and Nightrain were highlights, for an unknown.
  7. Is Slash still good? I’ve not heard the new album and it’s raining but I’m having good fun. Discuss.
  8. Wish you and your family the best, difficult time to get through but keep at it as best you can.
  9. Start at Season 2, and continue through to Season 10. Peak is 4 - 6, but you should really be fairly set with everything between 3-9.
  10. Clear evidence that Guns N' Roses songs sound better when recorded with a potato.
  11. I can't believe he was only 49, that's insane. Saw them live at a festival a few years ago, you certainly need to be off your nut to fully appreciate it, but it was certainly memorable. Sad to see him go, and sad to see him go like that.
  12. They identified as a Guns N' Roses band and in 2019 you have to respect that choice.
  13. Conor

    The Next Game

    Maybe do sign-ups like... a month in advance?
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