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  1. Nooooooo Conor! Youuuuuuuuuu just don't get iiiiiiiiiiit!
  2. charles has been 100% right on this since the beginning. Agreed.
  3. Couldn't have put it better myself!
  4. Child my arse! He was a good few inches taller than Zimmerman and testifiably kicking fuck out of him at the time. Whatever the other facts of the case I wish people would fuck off talking about Treyvon as though butter wouldn't fucking melt.
  5. I'm guessing that another birthday isn't exactly something one looks forward to at your age eh buddy?
  6. Religious rites and mumbo jumbo should have no default presence in any non faith element of society. Yes we should accommodate all faiths within reason but only as an explicit option.
  7. Broski. How about you opinion doesn't count cos you're a cunt?
  8. Never heard that before from you. Try to come up with a new joke you fucking faggot. *cough* Paedophile!!!!! *cough*
  9. Hooray for 24 hour liquor sales in the UK!
  10. Hahahaha! Yay for Surg! Awesome poster!
  11. Dazey

    Frankie Boyle

    Each to their own I suppose but that's what sets Frankie apart from the rest. The outrageous is what makes him so funny, personally the only time I'd watch Kevin Bridges is in a downloadable snuff movie.... The thing is that Frankie can be really funny when he's reeled in a little. Let him off the leash and he's just not funny.
  12. Don't buy blow off random people in the street. I learned that one the hard way.
  13. I literally have no idea where the idea that Brits like warm beer comes from, at least in the way the Americans seem to believe. As far as beer as in lager is concerned I've never once been in a single pub or bar where it's not served chilled. If you're talking about real ales then that's a completely separate issue.
  14. Really sorry to hear that buddy. RIP.
  15. Pretty much anything off Mezzanine by Massive Attack.
  16. Man of Steel was pretty lame to be fair. They seem to have left out any attempt at proper character development because they know that most people obviously know all the backstory but it leaves you not really caring about the characters all that much. I mean I wasn’t bored by it but it was certainly not up there with some of the other movies. The original Christopher Reeve movies (1&2) are still the benchmark for the character by quite a margin. The problem with Superman is that because he’s indestructible it’s difficult to put him in any real peril which has always made it difficult to make him an interesting character. The last 45 minutes or so of MOS is just too much with the smashing through buildings and the like. After seeing them both getting smashed through the first ten skyscrapers or so without a scratch on them it kinda stops being exciting. If I was to rate this in order of the other movies in the franchise I’d put it just behind Superman Returns and ahead of Superman 3. I would say in order of preference it’d be: Superman 2 Superman 1 Superman Returns Man of Steel Superman 3 Superman 4
  17. Provided the anchor points in the house are sound then yes.
  18. Jackass all the way. It's just more imaginative.
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