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  1. Same here. I can't believe you got rid of that pic of you in a dress off facebook you cunt!
  2. Nah man, only met her last night..
  3. Matthew don't be so mean! Nah he's just an ugly nonce. That wasn't mean it was the truth.
  4. She isn't rank with a rapist's beard and penchance for underage girls. I mean just saying but just cos you're a cunt doesn't mean the entire Finnish population are.
  5. But you do believe a guy dictated a holy book from the bottom of a bucket from behind a sheet in his kitchen. Only kidding, I love you too.
  6. I'm gorgeous with long or short hair. What's your point? In fairness having sex with one's self is something you should be well versed in anyway so why the critique?
  7. Oh that's just fucking charming that is! Love you! You're a mean old Mormon you know?
  8. Better pic. I think we'd been on the plant food at this point.
  9. Shame you don't. I don't recall posting photos. Didn't say you had. Ok? You've got a very pretty mouth.
  10. Shame you don't. I don't recall posting photos. Didn't say you had.
  11. Get more!!! I really wish you could come meet us in LA next month man. Be nice to take you out of yourself for a few days.
  12. I despise the place I'm living in but it makes it so much more bearable if you've got cool people around you. I'm not having a go at you buddy cos I see a lot of my situation in the way you're feeling about things and I think if you were just to make that little extra effort you could be quite happy there. At least you've only got another year eh man?
  13. It's all about the people around you Nate. I moved into a new house on Wednesday with three people I've never met and by last night we were all getting wrecked together having a great time. I've been miserable living in this town for the last two and a half years and all it took to change it was to put myself out there and meet some new people.
  14. I'm calling the brunette within two weeks.
  15. Luck of the draw mate. Went to view a room in a shared house and they just happened to move in as well. Only met em both last night.
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