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  1. How the fuck can anybody live on that? That's like 2 days wages!
  2. Yes, yes he does. He'll have to learn how to use a washing machine.
  3. That's awesome news Nate. Glad that you're finally dong something that makes you happy.
  4. This is probably the best thing for you right now. I recommend you do the Vegas thing and blow some of those savings before the old man starts making you give it to him in rent!
  5. Nate I didn't graduate college until I was 26 and I didn't settle down into a job I genuinely enjoyed until I was nearly 35. You're not supposed to know what you want from life yet and a few years pissing about in shitty jobs for liquor money isn't gonna kill you. Fuck me, I spent years just getting hammered and enjoying myself and right now that's all you need to worry about. You've tried doing what your parents wanted you to do and it didn't make you happy so try telling them to fuck themselves and do what you want to do even if it's just working in a liquor store for a couple of years. If it makes you happy then that's kinda the point no?
  6. What about the folks that post on MSL's forum? You mean MSL and the 17 Warchild accounts?
  7. Nothing wrong with that fella. Matt covered the down payment on his house by delivering pizzas if I'm not mistaken.
  8. All the best Nate. Really glad that you're finally seeking proper help. Fingers crossed that this leads somewhere positive this time. Fuck what your dad thinks as long as you're okay man.
  9. Dazey, when are they going to make you a mod over there? Somehow I don't ever see that happening.
  10. When you take into account that the hosting costs are $330 a month and the google ads are fucked with Warchild being a psycho I can't really blame Subs for trying to boost other methods of funding.
  11. Loved Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison.
  12. I'm going to the Manchester gig in November. Just need to let the wife know now as it's two weeks after my daughter's due to be born.
  13. His Facebook account seems to be active at the moment.
  14. In one of your pictures on FB you were wielding a glass much larger than a pint. Ah, that would be a 2 litre glass in Brussels, Belgium!
  15. When he shat his pants about not being allowed to dictate the rules at MyGnR for a $200 donation he was fucking hilarious.
  16. Is he called Damien? Because y'know she may have a point.
  17. In cases like this and I don't think there should be a time limit. http://www.gunsnfnroses.com/index.php?/topic/22806-do-u-be-live-in-psychic-predictions/page__pid__221254#entry221254
  18. Whereas Axl's singing the same five four three two octaves he has been since SCOM.
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