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  1. 8 days, 4 hours, 57 minutes and 18 seconds.............................
  2. Well if you ever happen to end up in the UK gimme a buzz man, it'd be cool to hang out. I'm about to continue my American adventure in a few more days. My girl who I met in New Orleans is coming to live with me next Friday and we're hoping to get back to the US together as soon as we can. I'll work on the presence and the insults but since the cannon fodder fucked off with their tails between their legs there's nobody left to insult.
  3. I downloaded the Ravens game at the weekend and I've not watched it yet. Heard good things so I'm looking forward to it.
  4. What? Why? You'll learn to ignore Arnold soon enough. It was a great movie!
  5. I'll thank you never to refer to me as catholic again!
  6. Oh I totally agree in most cases but 13 is still kinda icky as far as I see it. I think when I guy gets to about 15 it's time for the high fives when slaying Mrs Robinson style poon but you do have to wonder what any grown woman would see in a 13 year old boy surely?
  7. Yes, fucking hell yes and thrice yes!!! Fucking hell man, that's just wrong! I mean that's actually worse than the Iceman situation because that's actually child abuse.
  8. So in US terms she'd just about be old enough to legally drown her sorrows over the breakup as he was contemplating his 30th?
  9. Can I join in this time? I've had a dry spell since October but I've a feeling I might be in for a good run of form in the next few weeks.
  10. Dazey


    Oh wow! It's like Michael Jackson without the talent!
  11. I wanna hear the whole story. She was teething and had to have her diaper changed. Haha! Gross! You had to go there It wasn't me that had to go anywhere it was that rank bearded nonce!
  12. I wanna hear the whole story. She was teething and had to have her diaper changed.
  13. Dazey


    My phone corrected Kardasian to "Lard Ashcan" which I think says it all.
  14. On the downside he does fuck kids. Don't blame me! Blame the universally accepted definition of what constitutes a dirty old man trying to touch up a minor.
  15. On the downside he does fuck kids. Jimmy Page? Him too but mostly Iceman and Jimmy Page doesn't have that horrible beard.
  16. On the downside he does fuck kids. No he doesn't. Okay, so he tries and fails. I'm not sure that's better to be honest.
  17. On the downside he does fuck kids.
  18. Hey, at least you're only a couple of hours apart huh? I've got to travel through six time zones to see Victoria. :(

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