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  1. Does anybody else think that ISIS can be defeated by simply ignoring them and talking about the weather and sleep patterns?
  2. I enjoy coffee. Don't drink it often as I'm British but it's a nice treat from time to time.
  3. Or suck it up and still be at work 15 years later giving as good as they got?
  4. What the fuck is a micro aggression?Saying or doing something "insensitive" to or about a "marginalized" group.Pretty much what the guys said. I was on nights last night and the lads on shift were telling me about how they used to use the apprentices as step ladders in days gone by. One lad was used as a step stool in order to drill a hole in a wall and spent half of his shift covered in brick dust when he wasn't making the tea. Do you think we should have a moratorium to ensure these poor delicate little flowers aren't permanently traumatised?
  5. What the fuck is a micro aggression?
  6. Yes, the "weather" seems to be changing much for the better over here of late. Keep it up people.
  7. Until you feel the need to crank one out in the bathroom at work.
  8. 200 mb a MONTH? That's awesome if it was 1997.
  9. *raises hand* Please sir? Mr Magisme sir? I don't think it's been that bad sir. Of course whether I qualify as a good poster is open to debate I guess.
  10. All the more reason for a proper single payer system.
  11. Give Broski a break guys. He can't help being really shit at drinking and taking drugs.
  12. Because I don't have the record and it's not available anywhere online. The only place I have it is on iTunes streaming.
  13. One of my all time favourite movies and the soundtrack kicks ass! Honourable mention to Echo and the Bunnymen.
  14. Well it's not always easy to notice it. Well at night anyways. Unless they're smiling. *gets coat*
  15. By the third line of that post I could pretty much have written the rest word for word.
  16. Sucking men's dicks is gay. Bloody Marys are a beverage.
  17. Unless you have one helluva pension plan owning is the only real sensible option.
  18. I don't hate gays, I love everyone. But I do hate gay marriageDon't marry a gay then.
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