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  1. They may be from the same(ish) genre and a similar time period but I've never really associated the two all that much. I've got a lot of time for The Smiths but for me it's no contest. Bunnymen all day every day. I've seen them six times and Morrissey once and the Bunnymen were so much better. That said this was long after Johnny Marr's departure.
  2. All I know is that Morrissey is considered as "nancy boy stuff" by some people here... I guess it's lucky that this isn't Morrissey then.
  3. Not sure how much this will be to anybody's taste here but it's an album I love called Heaven Up Here from Echo and the Bunnymen released in 1981. Kind of a stripped down post punk vibe and a really cool record IMO though I guess that's up to people to decide for themselves. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heaven_Up_Here
  4. Have you considered getting your HazMat licence Nate? It's a bit of a ballache but you could make some serious cash driving chemical tankers and the long distance shit would be perfect for you I'd wager.For instance.
  5. How the fuck can anybody live on that? That's like 2 days wages!
  6. That's awesome news Nate. Glad that you're finally dong something that makes you happy.
  7. Loved Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison.
  8. His Facebook account seems to be active at the moment.
  9. Broski. How about you opinion doesn't count cos you're a cunt?
  10. Never heard that before from you. Try to come up with a new joke you fucking faggot. *cough* Paedophile!!!!! *cough*
  11. Pretty much anything off Mezzanine by Massive Attack.
  12. Provided the anchor points in the house are sound then yes.
  13. Go on... Well, I don't want to eat a banana ever again. Up the arse is fine though yes?
  14. Yeah but you wouldn't typically drink ten pints of wine in a single sitting as one might with beer.
  15. Usually the ones on the back seat! Amirite???
  16. Because you're in a wheelchair? No. Yes. tl;dr
  17. Hahaha! My missus is totally obsessed with fresh fruit and veg and REALLY fussy about quality of meat she'll eat or cook with. She's from Texas so go figure huh?
  18. First you have to drink enough for it to be a problem. How many beers would you say you're drinking regularly? Not all too much. Four a day. I'd say your drinking is pretty well curbed already then.
  19. First you have to drink enough for it to be a problem. How many beers would you say you're drinking regularly?
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