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  1. thats so 2010 Anyone want to be my internet workout buddy? We can motivate each other to not be skinny bitches anymore what if i want to be a skinny bitch? can i still join? Don't go getting too skinny, I'm warnin' ya!!!!
  2. I've always found it difficult to motivate myself to do cardio outside of a gym or when not playing sports. Where I live not makes both difficult so I've bought myself a bike and started going for rides on an evening after work. Did 15 miles last night and I'm off for a more leisurely 7-8 mile ride now. Gonna hopefully do that for an hour or so most nights then a few gym exercises at home with weights when I get in before dinner. Used to have my own bench in my last apartment but had to give it up when I moved to a shared house so I'm stuck with pushups, crunches and a few free weight exercise
  3. Just watched Thor and it's the most entertaining movie I've seen in ages. Not gonna win any Oscars but was a totally kickass no brainer popcorn movie. Awesome! Just downloaded Hobo With A Shotgun to watch next too, looking forward to that. I love me a bit of Rutger Hauer!
  4. Helps if you leave your room from time to time so they can see em.
  5. Misses his Cowgirl.

  6. My hat arrived this morning! I shall be pretending to be Indiana Jones for the forseeable future!

  7. Wish my mic wasn't shit! :(

    1. Sleeping Like An Angel
    2. thenightrain


      wish thomas meadow wasnt a shit!

    3. Axl8302


      Who's Mic, your boyfriend?

  8. Has the weird fucker tried to get back on here since he was banned? I didn't think he'd go down without a fight that easily.
  9. Awww, surely Thomas doesn't need you to fight his battles for him? Y'know, with him being a military man and all? x

  10. Awww, you look all growed up in your new picture! Makes Mama and I so proud!

  11. Dude there's no denying T2 is awesome but better than the original? Please!
  12. Even beautiful upside down! Mwah! xxx

  13. 1 star for Thomas for being a Paedophile and a Bully. ;)

  14. Angel! /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> x

  15. best of the series by far. Apart from the original.
  16. I thought you said she looks pasty on that background. Haha!

  17. He's not a master of anything apart from possibly eating Donuts, he's just a fat turd with too much time on his hands!
  18. Haha! Visited you profile on this site now and I left a message this time! :D

  19. Eat less, drink more and take Cocaine! Worked wonders for me over Christmas!
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