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  1. Vegas for the Guns shows in April. Maybe somewhere in Europe later in the year and hopefully Japan in late 2016/early 2017.
  2. How much is it to have him call my employer?
  3. I'd prefer a pet puppy. It pisses and whines less.
  4. Rocky IV is in my top 5 movies of all time.What are the other 4?No idea at this point but one other would be this.
  5. Rocky IV is in my top 5 movies of all time.
  6. I enjoy coffee. Don't drink it often as I'm British but it's a nice treat from time to time.
  7. All the more reason for a proper single payer system.
  8. Give Broski a break guys. He can't help being really shit at drinking and taking drugs.
  9. Sucking men's dicks is gay. Bloody Marys are a beverage.
  10. Is green face politically incorrect these days?
  11. Nothing like a midnight sacrifice or two eh?
  12. I look forward to seeing you on Judge Judy.
  13. Downzy owns MyGNR now ... you're banned for life ... i want my money back from uk subs. help me get in contact with him pleaseBanned members are exempt from the offer I'm afraid.
  14. TBH, Downzy have shown the best admin's approach that I've seen in that forum for the last year ... mygnr is run by spineless cowards.Spineless because they don't like you?
  15. Yeah, that's really good. I'll have to look into some more of their stuff.
  16. I think it sounds exactly like the first two U2 albums, which came out at about the same time.It fits in with the context perfectly, they just must have not been that big in the States, because I've never listened to them. They had one big album in the States in 87 but split up right when it was starting to do well.
  17. Cheers JB. If you liked that then check these out too. .
  18. Agreed but in the pretentiousness and self absorbed stakes I reckon McCulloch's not too far behind.
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