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  1. Hey buddy. How's things? Hope all's well.
  2. I though you guys couldn't swim? Sure. Swim like a stone.My wife and I can't swim at all. We are both pretty thin, but for whatever reason we both are more likely to sink after 10-15 yards. Oddly, our kids swim like fish.Funny, I seem to float pretty well.
  3. Jill Stein is literally the worst person in the world!
  4. My conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists are employed by conspirators to sound so utterly batshit that nobody takes any conspiracy theory seriously.
  5. I like how they say it only needs $300 million to break even. So it's $144 million production plus $100 million marketing and the theatres take half the ticket gross. More like $500 million to break even. Sony probably lost over $250 million on this turd.
  6. If you're referring to what I think, those weren't actually her, no? From what I gather they were. Some great points here Who the fuck is that absolute cockwomble and why is he shouting like a spacker with a knackered hearing aid?
  7. The AC/DC forums are actually surprisingly excited by the news. Lots of people looking forward to these shows.
  8. Some random dude yelled at me at the aftershow because "your buddy was ruining everybody's night jumping all over the place waving his arms about". I asked him what the fuck he expected to see in the pit at a Guns n Roses gig and he shut right the fuck up.
  9. You cheap fuck.I've just spent over 5 grand on GnR shows. Gimme a fuckin' break!
  10. Met Val's sister tonight. She was really nice.
  11. The thing I hate about contactless is that it doesn't show on your available balance for about three days. Chip and pin shows immediately. It's fucking suicide when you're out on the piss and you're not keeping track. Your balance looks fine then suddenly £100 debits your account three days later.
  12. I hate contactless. Chip and pin is fine though.
  13. I rarely use cash at all these days. Pretty much everything I spend goes on my AMEX card. Clear it in full every month.
  14. This is my favourite picture of him. Mad hillbilly bastard!
  15. Technically aren't the unemployed always on vacation?
  16. http://m.mailtribune.com/news/20160323/body-found-at-us-cellular-community-park
  17. RIP buddy. Fucking hell, this is just awful.
  18. I hope to fuck this isn't true but it's all over his Facebook.
  19. Clearly bad luck on the night of a show. Had he said "The Scottish Play" all would've been well.
  20. Just to remind everyone how much of a cock he is - Downzy threatened to close the forum if he can't support it. It will end with him In one statement he illustrated why it should never have been sold to him. What a fucking twat. We'll see if he's singing that tune when his student loans come due and he's working at Tim Hortons.Do they have college fees in Canadia?
  21. That's about a 30 minute drive from here. Might have to pick up tickets.
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