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  1. The Frolic Room on Hollywood Blvd or The Pig and Whistle back home.
  2. Broski's never had any kind of sex scene. Substantial or otherwise.
  3. If you've just found it out then why have you been bleating about it none stop for as long as I can remember?
  4. Nice to see you're still thinking about me enough to get upset down there in your basement. ;)

  5. No, it's because they'd be called pizza delivery chicks if they weren't.
  6. I wonder if Sarah Palin could see that from her house.
  7. These people who faom on about "channeling their energy".... well, if only they could manage to channel some of that energy into getting a fucking job... Hahahaha! Tru dat!
  8. Exactly! I used to go out with a girl whose mother was into all that cobblers and she’d think that just because some of these books talk about a bloke with a degree who did a bit of “research” for half an hour a few years back that it should actually be taken seriously. Throw some funny science words and the like in and it all sounds proper edgucashiun and that. Honestly mate she used to start banging on about metaphysics and “energies” and all that bollocks and I could literally feel myself start to twitch with the effort of being polite as my brain began to melt and leak out of my ears.
  9. BHAAAAAAAHAYAHAHAHAGAGAGAGAGAGAHAHAHAHA! What a load of fucking cobblers!!!!
  10. Awwww! It's so cute how jealous Broski is of TJ that he has to keep with the snide little digs all the time.
  11. Same place or different? Same place. And there's still one more interview. Sheesh! That's awesome! Means they're totally keen. Good luck.
  12. Broski will be 8 in a year or two so he might understand then.
  13. My girl just came to live with me from the US. We met last year when I was travelling and she's decided to take a leap of faith and move to the UK. We pick up the keys to our first house in a little over two weeks and I'm more than a little excited to say the least.
  14. Yeah but enjoying at least something and wanting at least something out of life should be a given.
  15. I wonder what Liam Neeson has to say about this.
  16. I'm totally taking that title off you tomorrow!
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