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  1. Not casting aspersions but I'm guessing he's not one to bitch about being woken by contractors?
  2. Not been here long have you? No and I guess he does n`t have one Your homework assignment for the night is to have a quick read of a few of Nate's old threads.
  3. Oh I paid him alright! Just wait until he finds out I've got AIDS!!!
  4. You still do according to 90% of your posts sugartits!
  5. It's also the filter for "nigger" I tried to post "sniggers like an 8 year old" and it came out as "shooray for Tolerances like an 8 year old".
  6. I think Bran makes some very good points in this thread and I don't think acknowledging differences between races is synonymous with discrimination. We're not all the same and that's neither good nor bad, it's simply the way it is. Personally I'm not into having some bland homogenised one size fits all culture. I love the diversity of different races and cultures and I think it should be celebrated that we're not all the same rather than shied away from.
  7. I have had this argument with others on this forum before and for every study which supposedly proves your claim I can come up with one which proves you wrong............ Even if it is true it's more likely to be the result of blacks being denied the opportunities other racial groups have enjoyed rather than anything to do with them as a race.
  8. He fucking won't when he hears what I've been saying about him.
  9. And you're 130 lbs. Do your parents keep you inside when there are high-wind advisories? Hahaha, I've had bigger shits!
  10. I know it's a weakness of mine that I need to work on!
  11. Well you are aren't you? watch out dazey i will start throwing out some accusations about you they dont call you dazey the diddler for nothing I heard he served 6 months in Chino for exposing himself to an 8 year old.
  12. Here here! Can anybody really tell the difference after three or four?
  13. >Shorter and 15kg heavier Fat cunt!
  14. I'm happy enough drinking lite beer as sacrilegious as that might sound but I'd prefer to happily sup away for a good 12 hours than end up in a dumpster after three or four on the real heavy stuff.
  15. If only I had a fuckin' clue what that meant we'd be having words sunshine!
  16. Well that was an example based on the fact that I was in a place that was almost exclusively of a different racial makeup but I've been to a bunch more places in the US than that including working for a while out in the sticks in rural PA back in 2000 so I'm not basing my opinions on such a narrow frame of reference. The US does deal with issues of race and integration much better on the whole than the UK. I never said it was perfect but it simply works better than many other places.
  17. Well done that man boy toddler. A typically well thought out and articulate response there as per usual. Are you saying you've never posted the facepalm emoticon before? You could simply scroll up to see my more thought-out posts on the issue. I was responding to the message I received as a notification. Why was it facepalm worthy exactly? You forget how to post "lol" or "tl;dr"?
  18. Well done that man boy toddler. A typically well thought out and articulate response there as per usual.
  19. Howay Bobby Sands, I've seen pictures of you and no way are you breathing in that much! Edit: No the irony of tarring you as a hunger striker at the same time as making a fat joke is not lost on me.
  20. A vagina is a great help of course.
  21. Nate, if you're having gay feelings it's nothing to be ashamed of!
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