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  1. 24 minutes ago, Apollo said:

    Maybe there should be an age requirement before you are allowed to mutilate and change your sex. 


    You can't drive a car until you are 16. Smoke until 18. Have a beer until 21. But we let a 14-year old take drugs and cut their cocks off?




    I'm afraid that sports might be something you have to give up during school if you are going to under go these procedures. They give you an unfair advantage. 


    So one sacrifice is that you lose your right to play sanctioned sports. You can always play intramurals though. 


    If playing high school basketball or wrestling is important enough to you - then maybe you wait until graduation before starting the hormonal and physical changes. 


    I remember reading one story about a male to female transition cage fighter. Beat the living shit out of a bunch of women to the point of hospitalisation. 

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