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  1. Just having a clearout and sold these two a couple of weeks ago.
  2. In a world of chaos it’s nice to see that some things remain constant.
  3. I'm pretty sure that picture was taken in Albert Square, Manchester just around the corner from me.
  4. Shut your whore mouth! It's only not been big again because it never stopped being big!!!!! ?
  5. There're no hands in the picture because straitjacket. Note the white walls and wipe-clean floor.
  6. Cool! Now you just need to sign the sex offender's register and you're all set!
  7. If the baseball bats had guns in them this would never have happened! I blame Obama!
  8. I think I might stick around for a while.
  9. I remember reading one story about a male to female transition cage fighter. Beat the living shit out of a bunch of women to the point of hospitalisation.
  10. Then they need to come up with a new category for them to compete under amongst themselves.
  11. D'awwwww! Cheers Apollo. Looks like a just missed out on TM's full retard return. Damnit!!!
  12. For a YEAR? Got my tax statement about a month ago and it was nearly $14,000 in your money!!! Damn! I need to move to Canadia!!!!
  13. So John McCain has altzheimers then.
  14. God, that film was abysmal. Abyssmal even.
  15. Codeine which is okay but still pretty much training wheels level compared to the good stuff you guys can get.
  16. Good man, good. I've just been off work after a knee op yesterday and I thought I'd see how things were going in here. It's nice to see that there's consistency somewhere in the universe these days.
  17. Glad to hear it. It's going well man. Tiring but lots of fun now she's a toddler with a bit of personality. They're like little cabbages until about two.
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