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  1. All these new names. I’m not even sure who I’m getting insulted by anymore.
  2. Just having a clearout and sold these two a couple of weeks ago.
  3. In a world of chaos it’s nice to see that some things remain constant.
  4. I'm pretty sure that picture was taken in Albert Square, Manchester just around the corner from me.
  5. There're no hands in the picture because straitjacket. Note the white walls and wipe-clean floor.
  6. Cool! Now you just need to sign the sex offender's register and you're all set!
  7. I remember reading one story about a male to female transition cage fighter. Beat the living shit out of a bunch of women to the point of hospitalisation.
  8. Then they need to come up with a new category for them to compete under amongst themselves.
  9. So John McCain has altzheimers then.
  10. I though you guys couldn't swim? Sure. Swim like a stone.My wife and I can't swim at all. We are both pretty thin, but for whatever reason we both are more likely to sink after 10-15 yards. Oddly, our kids swim like fish.Funny, I seem to float pretty well.
  11. My conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists are employed by conspirators to sound so utterly batshit that nobody takes any conspiracy theory seriously.
  12. I like how they say it only needs $300 million to break even. So it's $144 million production plus $100 million marketing and the theatres take half the ticket gross. More like $500 million to break even. Sony probably lost over $250 million on this turd.
  13. If you're referring to what I think, those weren't actually her, no? From what I gather they were. Some great points here Who the fuck is that absolute cockwomble and why is he shouting like a spacker with a knackered hearing aid?
  14. Met Val's sister tonight. She was really nice.
  15. This is my favourite picture of him. Mad hillbilly bastard!
  16. http://m.mailtribune.com/news/20160323/body-found-at-us-cellular-community-park
  17. RIP buddy. Fucking hell, this is just awful.
  18. I hope to fuck this isn't true but it's all over his Facebook.
  19. Clearly bad luck on the night of a show. Had he said "The Scottish Play" all would've been well.
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