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  1. If only he’d tried governing instead.
  2. I thought El Camino kinda sucked. Breaking Bad ended perfectly. No epilogue required. Going to go back and watch Better Call Saul from start to finish once it's over as I lost track of it midway through season 3.
  3. Me too. Think it's great so far.
  4. I'm gonna go with Joe Manchin, the filibuster and states' rights?
  5. Timing's a bitch. He got the vaccine two weeks ago and it takes about three weeks to convey some level of immunity. It's also about three weeks from contracting the virus to dying so he was likely infected a week before he was vaccinated which meant he was shit out of luck anyway. Tragic but no reason not to protect yourself. RIP Hank Aaron.
  6. Outside of the politics thread I'm pretty low on the faggot points scale generally. I mean, apart from the buttsex obvs.
  7. That the Paul Newman movie? Love that movie.
  8. Did he catch covid off her and go to Trump's doctor?
  9. White House announces dining with cutlery to resume effective immediately.
  10. Oh no. Bullshit Barbie is also totally hot. Conservative women do tend to be hotter on average. I think it's something about being evil that keeps them looking young. She's probably got a painting of herself in her attic in which she looks like a blind cobbler's thumb.
  11. If only they had experience in delivering things eh? 😛
  12. I don't respect "men" who post videos of their dad in his pants on skype but hey we're all human.
  13. You seriously have no sense of humour you snivelling little shit.
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