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  1. Bill's Mixed martial arts thread?
  2. Who said this is slated for release? Bunch of tracks from 2000. Lol
  3. When will we actually hear these tracks? Could've told us this from the start.
  4. You guys can't be referencing numbers from earlier? Silkworms in 30 mins...Lol
  5. You mean half this board who frequently uses the chat? Lol
  6. Zip it / Quick song is also out there. But don't hold your breath waiting for it to leak
  7. Gotta do what we gotta do to do what we do gotta On releasing new music: Everyone seems to be getting along so you never know... Fuckin lol ?
  8. ? On the other side of that he has released HUNDREDS of awesome albums since Chinese. Plenty with more melody,catchy hooks and more kick ass solos than Chinese has. He makes other artists look unprofessional.
  9. A  B  S  U  R  D

  10. Remember there are something like 6 Tuesday's before Christmas. Keep checking the forums, it might just end up here. All in good Faith!
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