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  1. Sounds like a track I downloaded from "gunsnroses" on limewire in 2006.
  2. You're nobody important bud.
  3. Forever faggots You could say
  4. I'm thrilled you are all so close.
  5. Kids these days and their fads right I cant you make you care, I'm just saying to me..its a lot better. I'm not trying to hurt your boys club here, promise. but hey Final vote: discord
  6. There's no comparison to make. I dont need to convince anyone forums are pretty old school in 2019. To me, it felt like a forum but refined. Essentially though, it's a live chat and If you guys didnt use yours maybe it's not for you
  7. Maybe visit once in a while inbetween Mafia games. It won't hurt. Promise.
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