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  1. Bring it back home is the greatest and fattest song never officially released by Alex
  2. 2 years ago something truly spectacular happened, so much so the online community was in shock..I still kind of am. He did an interview/podcast.. just speaking off the cuff .from the heart. Dudes a sweetheart.
  3. His most recent pike is a new favourite of mine. It seriously boggles the mind how many gorgeous records hes made since leaving Alex. This is history in the making, he'll be remembered as one of the very greatest. An oldie but a bloody brilliant one. I recommend this one to everyone. This one speaks for itself:
  4. Thoughts on Scraped Be brutal Rhiad n the bedouins? Yay / Nay? How disappointing was Sorry?
  5. The last batch of leaks was the best Chinese democracy album. Perhaps silkworms State of grace. Original short intro cd
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