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  1. You can say whatever you want. I already said my piece. And for the record, I didn't compile anything either! I didn't create that file - Fact!
  2. Again whatever! All the leaks that ever happened, NEVER involved me. Fact! NEVER bought any unreleased songs in my life! Fact! I'm NOT responsible for any leaks! Fact! it's all publicly known. As a matter of fact, I'm an Apple Music subscriber, I still buy cds to this day as well!
  3. Whatever dude! Believe what you wanna believe. I don’t care!
  4. I didn’t make offers for songs! That’s a lie! I don’t even have that kind of money to spend... I make close to 900 euros / Month. You can do the translation to Dollars, if you want... Not that I need to justify myself to you or anybody... you were obviously fed a manipulated story. Manipulation that makes it a complete lie. Even if I had the money for it, I would never spend ant of it on songs... to me that’s ridiculous! with 15 thousand I would rather travel the World or buy a nice car! If I had that kind of money!
  5. I didn't fuck up anything. Whatever dude! Every story involving the Locker thing, and the other leaks in the past are public. I've never leaked anything in my life, neither I'm involved on the locker saga. I've NEVER bought any songs illegally either! The stories about past and current leaks are public and readily available to everyone. And that's fact! What you're doing is tryin' to stir shit to get material for your stories.
  6. It seems that you're running out of your little reports, and now you wanna involve people in this locker thing, that have nothing to do it, so you can continue to have stories to report. I have already offered myself to answer any questions you might have through pm. You're reporting things that are hurtful against me in public as fact, that ARE NOT fact. Only for you to have the enjoyment of having some attention drawn to yourself. Answer the PM!
  7. I haven't offered anything! I don't even have that kind of money to offer! That's a lie! I didn't compile anything! I answered questions of things people asked me. Information that was readily available to EVERYONE in a public forum. As a matter of fact Manets even wrote an article about it somewhere (I'm not sure if it was Mygnr, but I think so), with all the information PUBLICLY on a PUBLIC forum.
  8. I would appreciate that you would stop accusing me of something I didn't do! I have sent you a PM to clarify a few things. I'm not involved in any of the locker drama, so I would appreciate that you wouldn't paint the picture otherwise! That PDF file is NOT Mine. I'm not involved with any "Brazilian Clan", neither I want to be.
  9. No issues with that. I just wanted to know so I could change the track name, but that's ok. EDIT: For those interested, Seven is "Circus Maximus" - You type in Circus Maximus on google and Ben Hur appears. (I've never seen the movie, so I wasn't aware)
  10. Yeah but that's not song #2 on any cd right?
  11. Which one is Seven then? I can't find any Ben Hur quotes or sounds.
  12. Are you sure?? This sounds like a Buckethead song. Sounds like Jordan or something like that. I suppose Dummy is Tonto right? Tonto means dummy in Portuguese.
  13. So track #2 of Rough Mixes #4 CD, that would be "Circus Maximus". So Circus Maximus = Seven ?
  14. Let's put it this way, I would take any of these songs listed below over Scraped, Shacklers Revenge, If The World, Prostitute, Riad & The Bedouins, This I Love and Sorry: - Oh My God (1999) - Silkworms (1999) - Atlas Shrugged - Perhaps - State of Grace
  15. I don't care about the VMA's. Rough Mixes #2 is much more valuable than the VMA's....Don't see what's the interest in seeing a dissolved band rehearsing 3 songs we have heard multiple times. Forget about the rumor floating around that they rehearsed The General... That's probably bullshit! I find it very hard to believe. If it means to wait for the so called 2010 album, then it's worth waiting... Or any other mixes of Silkworms, Oh My God, and The General, Seven... etc...Then it's worth the wait. To me the holy grail is those 4. The General, Seven and the 2002 mixes of Oh My God and Silkworms. I'm already happy with the rough mixes collection. it's an holy grail in itself. Thank You Chairman!
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