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  1. It's a taste thing man. State of Grace has a lot of potential, but I need some serious singing to be able to enjoy the song. It's a very rough demo, but it's cool! I've read it's your favorite. All cool by me.
  2. 1. Silkworms 99 2. Perhaps 3. Hardschool 4. Atlas Shrugged 5. State of Grace 6. KOHD Acoustic 7. Going Down 99 However, I feel bad for not putting Atlas higher, because I'm really digging the song now. The guitar work is amazing!
  3. Why do you associate Team Brazil to Assad and Syria?
  4. If there's such thing, Why didn't he give that material to GNR, so it could have been included in the boxset?
  5. Dude can you make it earlier? it will be 5am here, when it's midnight there. Can we agree on 10pm?
  6. Would love to hear the early version of Silkworms.
  7. God, his voice is horrible!
  8. That's something that I find disrespectful. Do you mind not posting my pictures here? @John Bonham I realize you guys have a blast here, but can you make sure this doesn't happen ?
  9. Everyone's got an opinion, everyone's pissed... I get it... Even though I had kind of moved on from GNR, this thing kinda pulled me in for a bit, because like everyone else, I got curious about the songs, I'm not an hypocrite, I wanted to hear those songs as much as you, but here's the deal... You can't really blame Rick for it! I mean I know you wanna hear those songs, but do you realize what it would take for that? Do you realize that Rick has a family and he could have been going against a billionaire, or a trillionaire record company in court and their expensive lawyers? Any dumb moves and he would completely fuck up his life.... and for what??? a bunch of songs ??.... Please... Rick did the smart thing, for him and his family. I Dunno what happened really, but if he got himself a deal with the band's management... Good For him! If he didn't he still made the right choice. No songs are worth a life. He could have risked Jail time, or a huge fine that he probably can't pay. I think in this kind of situations we have to look at the big picture. Rick did that, good on Rick!
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