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  1. I dunno, think he sounds like a decent chap, albeit somewhat mental. It's fat Axl and his shitshow that as per usual come across like a bunch of cuntbags.
  2. Axl has had zero talent since 1993. He should never have come out of retirement, it has been nothing short of a shit show.
  3. No fucking chance. They're shit!
  4. Every year since 2000 has been shit. The way you all fucking kid yourself on that 2006 was good is embarrassing to read. Bill should have hung it up in 1993 and that's that.
  5. I feel bad. This is a bullying thread. Needs to end now. Axl is a human being. He has his faults, but so do we all. He has brought a lot of joy to all of us at some point in our lives, and I think we would all do well to remember this from time-to-time. Sorry, Axl.
  6. And now I don’t know why, I didn’t eat the pie, But now it seems that I, I couldn’t reach that high, And Beta must be wise, She knows I can’t rise, The fridge has so much food inside, But I am too wide, I just can’t leave this couch, ‘Cos I might just pass out, I haven’t stood for days, So if you’d be so kind, And pass me more pork rind, And then just leave me be, I’m in my special place, Just want to stuff my face, And now I cannot stand, Or sing, in my band,
  7. Bill should have hung it up in 1993... simple as that.
  8. Not as fat as I thought I'd would be. They could do to learn it properly though.
  9. Generic Buckethead shredding... yeehaw..
  10. I thought this had all stopped being funny a few years ago, but then this latest tour happened, and it's fucking hilarious. A list of Gn'R related things that are shit. - Axl - Looks like Warwick Davis. His hair looks like Boris Cunt Johnson. He sounds like he's been throat fucked by a Horse. - The stage show - The cheap images and video that Fernando has clearly put together himself. - The band - They look and sound bored as fuck. - The fans - Fat, ugly, neck-bearded, annoying screaming Woman who need to just shut up. - The merch - Shit. - Frank - Frank.
  11. Terrible. Axl is shit at making music. Deleted.
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