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  1. Woah.. State Of Grace is a proper decent tune! How'd this one not get picked for the record?
  2. The General is gonna be shit, isn't it...
  3. First minute is pretty cool though.
  4. Hmm, can see why it didn't make the record. Axl vocals are so compressed and auto-tuned beyond all sense.
  5. Great to finally have a decent version of Catcher. I love that tune. I think it's about the only one that I consider to be up there with the old songs. I can even forgive the Mickey voice on it, as it seems to work. I hated what they did with the record though. Where's the rest of them?
  6. Some producer years ago told Axl he had 3 good songs.. think Axl fired him for his honesty. It would have been all the half arsed pish like this that he was getting at.
  7. Barry

    The Garden

    One of my favourites.
  8. Fake rasp. Real rasp was cocaine 40 cigs a day.
  9. Both sound better to me than pretty much all of the choices for CD.
  10. They were all crap years. Bucket takes some beating though.. bringing out some unknown generic shredder from deepest nerd culture, it's unforgivable. Glad he died tbh.
  11. The act has been rock bottom bad since Axl returned in 2001. There's nothing worse than seeing a fat, old, Axl Rose who has no voice left. Rio was crap. 2002 was crap. 2006 was crap. 2010 was crap. 2014 was a total disaster. 2016 was interesting enough until I saw the bootlegs and noticed it was crap.
  12. Between 'Punk As Fuck' and the teeth thing... you certainly know how to kick a joke to death around here.
  13. It sounds fuck all like fat Axl.
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