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  1. Trump.. the moron's moron.. the cunt's cunt.. The living, breathing embodiment of everything wrong with the shitty USA. We've our own issues in the UK, no doubt about that, but fuck me, the US is one massive stinking shit-show. Saying that, we won't be far behind you at this rate. Axl, for once, is going to be on the right side of history here, for sure. Truth is, truth hurts... etc.
  2. I thought 2002 sounded horrible at the time, but I'd take it over anything now. 2010 had some good in it, but very inconsistent. Listening to whole gigs sounded pretty bad.
  3. Axl has been varying degrees of shit since 2000. End of story.
  4. Every tour you go on, there is a printed set list. Even if it changes from night to night, it’s printed out. That wasn’t Axl’s style. We’d be sitting there under the stage, playing cards or just shooting the shit, and all of a sudden we’d hear “November Rain” and me and Traci would run up onto the stage and start doing our thing. It was exciting and very spontaneous
  5. Could you play them SOD, or SCOM? Could you play them PC? What about November Rain? It's easy to find some of the better performances, no doubt about that, WTTJ is a cracking example of that, there are plenty more, however it is hard to listen to an entire show end-to-end and not cringe. Axl was certainly doing better during these years, but he was not great. I would say your expectations had been lowered, and you have an unconscious bias as a super fan.
  6. I've certainly seen some great moment from 2006, and again in 2009, and 2010. I've never seen a whole show, or anything close to it where I don't find myself constantly cringing as his voice cracks and he goes straight into Mickey for the song. I couldn't play a live concert from 2006 to general music fans, or people who like the GnR hits.. the singing is just not good enough for anyone to be able to take it seriously or enjoy it. I could certainly find clips that would blow people away.. no doubt about that, but that isn't good enough.
  7. Let's not get carried away, he's been shit since 2000.. it was only a flash in the pan, a tiny fraction of his entire career that he was ever any good behind the mic.
  8. Nah this is bollox
  9. These excerpts are just people messing about, yeah? Or is this for real? Honestly cannot tell.
  10. Honestly hope Trump, and all of his supporters, get aids and die. Same goes for Johnson.
  11. Sounds fuck all like him. Axl in his prime is inimitable. This guy is sounds more like Axl than fat Axl though.
  12. Morrissey sort of did the opposite of Axl, in that he became more and more racist and nasty over the years, while Axl became all woke, albiet in a very fat sort of way.
  13. I love it how the fans of the most dangerous band in the world know which song is on next, based only on what hat Axl puts on.
  14. Sounds shit, but certainly better than the last leg. It's not much, but it's something. I'm glad to see Axl is embracing the fatness though.
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