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  1. It was around this time that Beta started issuing him the tit.
  2. I like it. As far as I'm concerned, Axl's vocals were at their peak here. I like the production of the record too. I always wished that the Illusion's had this sound to it, especially the drums.
  3. The one with Bucket doing his Nintendo noises is one of the worst.
  4. Did Axl hire Chinese people to play in his band because of the whole Chinese Democracy thing?
  5. Tracy and Roberta were fantastic. I loved that era. What a great line-up. The band had such a big sound going on. When you listen to them now, everything sounds so thin and empty in comparison. Regarding Melissa, do you think somebody had a word with her, and told her she had to jump up and down for the entirety of the show? What is she doing on her keyboard during Nightrain, for example? I can hear dizzy, for some bizarre reason, playing piano on it, but I'll be fucked if I can hear any output from her. She is no singer, that is for sure, and she's not much to look at either. My guess is she is Axl's way of saying "Fuck You" to Pittman.
  6. His name carries more clout than Buckethead.
  7. Playing to one man and his dog.
  8. Cringey as fuck seeing Gn'R cover bands.
  9. Let's not mistake being slightly better than 2002 for greatness. If he had had guested on some TV studio live performance, he'd have been torn apart. Axl's voice was more than just 'screams' during his hey-day. His voice was well rounded, bluesy, and deep. Axl's voice left him in the 90's, and sadly, it never returned. I'd be happy to hear some examples where he sounds good however, I would wager that we cannot find a single song in which he sounds good, end-to-end. If we cherry pick, we could certainly find bits and pieces, here and there, where he does.
  10. He sure as fuck sounds better than he has for the majority of anything post 94, but he still sounds like shit in comparison to anything from the 80s or 90s. It's just mickey rasp.
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