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  1. Between 'Punk As Fuck' and the teeth thing... you certainly know how to kick a joke to death around here.
  2. It sounds fuck all like fat Axl.
  3. Both have fan bases made up of Woman with mental health problems.
  4. Axl has some very bizarre fans.
  5. I knew it was all over when I heard the first clips of WTTJ from HOB01. Voice gone, musicians gone, that's the end of it. I've tuned into the freak-show ever since, for shits and giggles.
  6. The roadies should try turning Axl's vocals down.
  7. They're a miserable shower of cunts. Unfortunately I have lost these too. Thought I had at least saved the If The World/Slither mix.. Bollox. Apologies.
  8. It's rather sad to see someone new to the board being bashed like this. Welcome to gunsnfnroses.com, my friend. Let me see if I can find these mixes for you.
  9. I'd take some decent 90's footage over anything from the session musicians.
  10. The last Rio disaster. From beginning to end it is fucking hilarious.
  11. Barry


    It's bizarre seeing those tattoos. It's about the only thing that reminds us that it's actually him in there, somewhere.
  12. I think I speak for everyone when I say, nobody cares about CD2.
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