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  1. Barry

    Big Red Wants You To Vote Blue

    When did hicks become proud of being hicks?
  2. Barry

    Christmas Album Confirmed via Billboard

    Horrible band, shit music. Brian wasn't even that good. SMILE was nothing but a bunch of bible thumping crap.
  3. Barry

    Axl's Straight-Up BEST Lyrics

    West Arkeen wrote Axl's lyrics for him. That's what they say.
  4. That would actually explain a lot.
  5. Barry

    Do any of you want to fight back against this bullshit?

    How's about we create a site, self hosting videos, completely dedicated to hosting the fattest, shittest, Axl videos. We could sell fat shit merchandise.
  6. The bigger question, who wrote Axl's lyrics for him? Not that he was up there with the greatest, but some of them had their moments.
  7. Nobody on the stage looks like they're enjoying it. Axl looks miserable! Did somebody tell Melissa that she has to jump up and down constantly? It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. That cannot be fun for her. Aside from the fact that she is only there to stick it to Chris Pittman, they order her to jump on the spot like a fucking spastic for three hours, pretending to add to the sound. I'm sorry, doll, but you're tapping your keyboard along to Nightrain, what do you think you're actually doing here? Why can't she leave the stage for a bit? I saw them last year. Honestly, it was boring as fuck.
  8. Barry

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    Total fucking disgrace. Axl can't sing worth a fuck. Frank sounds like when you hear kids playing in a rehearsal room, and the drummer, as per usual, has still to learn to just shut the fuck up and play in time before trying to get fancy. Give it up. Get off the fucking stage.
  9. Barry

    Lol Salsh can't do it.

    This technique seems to fascinate Americans audiences.
  10. Barry

    Was Clarke really invited?

    Better fit with GnR than Bucket ever could have been.
  11. I understand he has a loyal following of neck-beards. He was a sickly man though, was he not. By far the sickliest of all of Axl's hired hands. He should cover the dying swan in his sets. I'm sure he could shoe-horn that in somewhere between the Nintendo noises and the break-dancing.
  12. Barry


    It paled in comparison to anything from 87-93, so nobody really cared about it at the time. If only we knew how much worse things could become.
  13. Bill should have never come out of retirement. Simple as that. The last 20 odd years have been a joke.
  14. nobody cares about fat Axl songs. It's not like anyone would buy them..