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  1. Papa Rose strikes again. Big party in the Rose household tonight. Hope Beta is baking up a few of her legendary enchiladas.
  2. The songs would all have, to my ears anyway, have sounded better if they had employed a real orchestra, like British bands do, rather than the tacky keyboards they went with. When I first heard Madagascar, from Rio, I imagined this beautiful rolling orchestra driving it, with some Led Zep style guitar, and the modern (now horribly dated) elements making an appearance in the lulls - the synths, the loops etc. Instead, what we got was rather flat, dull, poorly produced piece of shit with fat fucking vocals on it. Same goes for that shitty SOD song. I quite like the 99 ver
  3. Buckethead fans were like Star Trek fans - harmless souls, but what nerds they were.. a bit like gamers from the 90s maybe - a strange sub-culture. The guy wore a KFC bucket on his fucking head, I just couldn't take that seriously - and the fucking dodgy 60s Bond computer noises he made, yeah I guess that would appeal to the nerdy fat fans who've never had their hole, but it had no place in a rock band. I'm sad he's dead and everything, but honestly, there was no need for him at all.
  4. Sounded shit in 2001, 2002, 2006 was shit too, very shit.. fuck it, he has sounded shit every fucking year since 01. He has looked shitter and shitter every year. His fans have been fatter, every year. Fat people are fucking horrible. Axl is horrible, and so are his fat fucking fans.
  5. I'm old enought to remeber when the Buckethead fans used to talk about Sla$h...
  6. Of course they're shit. Shit covers, shit music, targetted at shit Americans.
  7. Buckethead and the other shredder was a ridiculous idea. Three guitarists was a ridiculous idea. Axl reforming the brand name and touring again, looking like shit, and literally being unable to sing was a ridiculous idea. None of it worked. Now Axl is old, fat, still can’t sing, Slash and Duff are bored as fuck, and their drummer is shit. Shit band for shit fans.
  8. Who fucking cares, it's a pretty shit song - nobody ever playes it, and they never did.
  9. They made no impact at all. I don't think any major media even reported them. Very few people care about these shitty old demos from Axl's completely irrelevant solo years.
  10. I feel rather strongly that he was shit then too.
  11. Axl sounds shit the entire way though it. Could you imagine this coming on shuffle while you had friends over? That shit would be getting skipped.. it's brutal.
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