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  1. Axl's attempts at writing lyrics for CD are a testament to the man behind the lyrics on the UYI records.
  2. Barry

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    You can really here that piano plinking away in all the AFD tunes. Beautiful work, Dizzy!
  3. Barry

    GNFNR 2016 Tour Thread - Not In This Lifetime...

    Some decent audio from the 2nd Vegas show in 2016. Sounds like a monitor mix or something, but it's in stereo. Just listened to WTTJ so far, but surprised at how good Axl sounded in this gig.
  4. Suppose it could be a good idea, since he is without testicles these days. The Beta would be a nervous wreck though, and Fernando would probably get pumped.
  5. Woah, that is creepy mate. Did they do this for the whole show? Never heard about this before.
  6. Such artistic vision. Salsh who? Truth is the truth hurts... etc. etc...
  7. Listen to all those layers. So complex. It's crying out for some sub-bass and some loops though.
  8. This tune is better than almost everything on CD. Axl sounds pretty decent too.
  9. Axl's best efforts have been seen, and they have been humiliating for him. He might not need Izzy, but he does need someone to write songs for him.
  10. The record should never have been released. Axl probably didn't want to release it. He probably couldn't be bothered with it after tinkering with it on and off for ten years and it still sounded like crap. There's nothing inspiring about what was released. The list of crap is endless, from the production, to the vocals, to the simply dreadful musicianship, there is just no end to how bad it is. I'm glad it failed. To take a bunch of unknown session musicians, and labelling them 'Guns N' Roses' was a stupid enough idea, but releasing a crap record under that name too, well, it got what it deserved.
  11. The transition from Tony Clifton to Geraldine Bailey is a beautiful thing.
  12. Barry

    Most ridiculous GNR thing you ever witnessed?

    The man with a tub on his head, shredding like a guitar nerd, destroying classic songs. Thankfully to all, he finally succumbed to his sickly ways, and died.
  13. He has never in his 50 years in the band played the bridge without hitting a bum note. No wonder he's paid in food vouchers.