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  1. Other drivers ( too many little things to list so this will cover it ) People who spit in public Holding a door open for somebody only to be ignored People walking and stopping directly in front of me for no reason People that assume from my appearance im something im not.
  2. People are shocked that things go on without members being informed play by play? Come on guys wise up. There is a very cliquey (sp?) environment, almost Canadian favouring but that's the way it goes.I have listened to both sides and i tend to lean Maddy's way, not only because of conversations with her and the fact she has always conducted herself with decency when talking with me but also her ability to talk even when both parties have no avenues of agreement.UKSUBS is a man i not only trust but consider one of the most loyal and honest people backed up every single thing she said and went out on a limb to do it because he felt a sense of injustice.I have nothing against GG but since this all kicked off he reminds me of the new step mom pretending she understands you and wants to be your friend. The real question is has the forum been harmed by events?, time will tell.
  3. GOAB

    married women,

    If i was guessing i would say you are into married women because you think they are easier, perhaps you think they are less likely to have a happy and fulfilling life because they are with one man?.Seriously have you ever even for one second considered the fact that some women find you completely and utterly fucking repellent.If you are anything like your on line persona i would be amazed if you could get sex with a winning lottery ticket.To be honest i don't like you, never have never will, i think you are a complete cunt and that will not change.You do nothing to change my opinions with your mind numbing rambling and complete ignorance at just how futile your life and idea's are.You were banned at mygnr then i got an invite for here, figured i would check it out and what do i find?, you guessed it, TM the walking talking pond life scum has arrived.Now this is a shame because a forum with a more open direction could have been a valuable thing for fans but as long as things like you are floating around it will descend into retards fucking door knobs all over again. Have a nice day mutface
  4. Mygnr has its good and bad, you don't like then don't bother posting there.
  5. In recent months i have lost the ability to see anything good, its not that she is a bad person im just losing interest rapidly.Im beginning to think it has run its natural course but im trying to save it even though i always thought if you needed to make it work then it wasn't meant to. Fuck knows but all is not what it was any more
  6. Do you actually believe the world is out to get you or is it more likely you are just as capable of complete and utter lunacy ?
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