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  1. 21% of Mr. Broskirose's followers are also fake. 19% of bacardi's are fake. 15% of JB's are fake. Many people who have over 1 Mill followers have the majority of them being fake. Usually because the more popular you are, the more spam bots will follow you. Only 26% of Obama's followers are real, apparently. Assuming this app for figuring it out if accurate, of course.
  2. Fat people can get laid, it's just you that apparently can't.
  3. Remember Critical Solution? Yes!
  4. I love you all. Well not really, but you know.
  5. You should go to a gay bar and try to meet a lesbian. Might change your outlook on women.
  6. Oh arnold, you're getting worse and worse. Go see a therapist, seriously. They might be able to help you with your bullshit.
  7. I don't want kids, but I do plan on naming my future cats Caesar and Augustus. I'll probably continue naming any pets after Roman emperors (or dictators in Caesars case, obviously).
  8. Dear god it's happening again
  9. I've never actually seen Gunzen do anything but whine. Maybe if you made some proper posts this would actually mean something.
  10. You're barking up so the wrong tree Go back to being creepy with the other girls.
  11. Don't be trying that on me there, Arnold.
  12. All those kids deserved to be punched in the face several times.
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