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  1. The funny thing is most of those songs you listed were written at the same time as AFD (dont cry, nov rain, YCMB).
  2. Not my problem. its stupid to put an interview in a thread that has nothing to do with the interview. No one should have to read every single thread to see if a seperate topic was posted inside another topic you are just pissy because this thread got way more replies than yours, which goes to my point why you shouldn't put an interview inside a random other thread.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of5QpB7v7fI
  4. if you want some of his chill stuff the whole album electric tears is pretty awesome.
  5. I will say Axl had a great eye for great drummers up until Frank lol Vrenna, Freese and Brain are some of the best.
  6. ok thanks, mental note. Also you can tell the pic I posted with the Fratelli thing is not a GNR fan because of they misspelled Axls name
  7. i saw that on twitter and thought it was funny, so I shared it lol
  8. Did you already post that video? I came across it randomly on youtube
  9. From mygnr via black sabbath Turn it up Make it loud Get your guitar ready to scream Heavy drums; Amplifiers We're a sonic demolition team You gotta rock the rock Pound it all around Rock the rock With a stone crunching sound Ooh, rock the rock Hammer and grind Rock the rock It's gravel makin' time Power chords; Bass guitar Get in the ring, we'll give you a brawl We're employed to destroy We're a rock 'n' roll wrecking ball You gotta rock the rock Smash it to bits Rock the rock With a heavy metal fist Rock the rock Grind it to the bone Rock the rock It's a destruction zone [Guitar solo] Supersized, pulverized We're telling no lies Rock the rock Annihilate you Devastate you Eviscerate you Rock the rock Rock the rock Rock the rock Rock the rock Rock the rock, yeah (Rock the rock) Rock the rock (Rock the rock) Rock the rock Yeah
  10. Like I said back in 2008. in 2002 or 2004 the good version of the band, aka BH, Finck, and Brain, should have take the cuts of the songs axl wanted and re-recorded them so it was not so cut and pasted. The earlier cuts are way better of course. Just listen to the blues demo 2001, it blows away the album version.
  11. Is this interview from Mistress Carrie on WAAF in Boston? Cornell is so awesome. RIP
  12. I miss the 2002 version, they ruined the song with the remix of it
  13. Even if you loved it, you would have even more reason to tell Axl to release more
  14. Yeah but you could tell Axl how great the music is (even if its not) to get him to release it. That is like being a yes man right, telling him CD was great when it was mediocre and that he needs to release the other albums.
  15. Today was probably the best set of division round games I have ever seen. Both were instant classics
  16. They had a track on bloodborne that is dope, i love that game
  17. the sad thing is, all the things you said about Maynard are true and he still put out more albums than axl since 1999
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