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  1. That is what people said before the AC DC tour when they would show how good Axl sounded as Rock AM. Then with AC DC he turned it on again. If Axl toured with AC DC again, he would sound just as good as he did 2-3 years ago. And people like you said axl lost his voice before the rock AM show and he proved you wrong. Axl still has his voice, he has it when he tries. I always laugh at people like you how are proven time and time again. When will people learn,Axl can sing well when he wants to he just half asses GNR.
  2. Gotta love Axl and his lawyers lol And people thought metallica wa bad
  3. Right so he was not banging a 16 year old
  4. Did anyone stop to think for a moment that the woman brain had a kid with wasn't Melissa lol He had that child with his wife. He is not married to Melissa.
  5. When he left, he said he was not quitting just going home to be a new dad.
  6. Stevie Vai played in white snake, he could play in GNR. Again you show you just talk out of your ass. And FFS BH played in GnR and fit in great. He is better than slash and played slash stuff better than slash
  7. you have shits takes on everything dont you
  8. It reminds me of his Nov Rain UYI voice.
  9. There is a TIL remix with those new vocals remember. The one from the brain remix album .
  10. That makes way more sense than his fingers. Thanks for that. I never heard that before.
  11. Then you dont know very many guitarst lol
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