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  1. The World Economic Forum (those wonderful humans behind the Great Reset) are now pushing a “smart mask” that will connect to a user’s smart phone and will “send alerts if the wearer forgets to put it on” and “track every breath the wearer takes.” Have we had enough yet?
  2. Its probably because I grew up loving it as a kid, so I never understood the hate that it gets. It was definitely dumbed down to an extent due to the success of the cartoon, and more kids getting in to the franchise, but I don’t think it’s terrible. The 2016 movie? The less said about it, the better. I only watched it because my ex wanted to. Never again. It was beyond terrible.
  3. I’m just hoping Ghostbusters: Afterlife doesn’t finish off the franchise like the 2016 debacle almost did.
  4. But according to Dazey, the thought of the gestapo kicking in your door to confiscate your guns can’t/won’t happen. Ahem...
  5. Just because you refuse to see the proof doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.
  6. I didn’t realize it was possible for someone to be so brainwashed. I’m just glad that I got to live 35 years on this planet before it all went to hell.
  7. Boxes of ballots being unloaded in the middle of the night? Poll workers being told to go home before the above happened? Trump was winning be a huge margin on election night. By midnight, it looked like he had the thing in the bag and with EASE. Then the shenanigans happened. The truth will set you free, and facts don’t care about your feelings.
  8. The blowback against any kind of gun confiscation program will be severe in 2022. Of course, after the sham that we just suffered through, fair elections are pretty much a thing of the past in America.
  9. But he is certainly going to try. These people are evil, and it’s clear that they’re pushing for Civil War Pt. 2 Electric Boogaloo. Trump was the last line of defense. Republicans need to retake the house and senate majority in 2022. It’s imperative. Then we need to absolutely make sure that we get President DeSantis in 2024.
  10. Try removing the 2nd amendment and you’ll see one thing that most republicans and democrats agree on. That’s the one thing that will unify all Americans to point their torches at the corrupt politicians in DC. It would be ugly, but it would get results one way or another.
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