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  1. What is the point in posting this crap?
  2. So presumably Adler is out and there is no Appetite line up reunion?
  3. I have hope..like an idiot..they have obviously worked on songs...just judging by the live snippet of Hard School we heard...Duff and Slash improved the intro immensely with the It's So Easy style bass and Slash's sleazy lick...
  4. The 40th version of Silkworms??...fuck this band
  5. Well if Hard School and Atlas are on it as well as presumably State of Grace, Perhaps etc we have already heard one third of the album
  6. Fuck it..I ruined Chinese Democracy by listening to the leaks over and over years before it's release and it looks like I have done the same with this album
  7. Brasky...since you have the inside line...has anyone ever gotten Axl's thoughts on how he feels about pissing away his talent?..the logic of releasing one album in 30 years?...why he sits on completed songs without releasing them?...how he feels about his peers releasing album after album..is he not embarrassed?..does he have any sense of regret?...the dude is almost 60...the end is near..what the fuck is he waiting for?
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