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  1. You'd think the makeup crew would know they're putting these chicks in front of HD tv cameras
  2. Bought a shit ton of hot wings. Gonna be a doing a cross post to the shitting thread soon.
  3. Anyone every see a heroin shit? Me and my buddy went to grocery store by our neighborhood when we were probably 16-17 and i went to take a piss The lone urinal was in use so i went to the stall, and i could have sworn that someone threw 2 papertowel rolls in the toilet. The smell that was coming out of that bowl was abominable. Had to call my friend into the bathroom as a witness to this epic turd. He almost puked.
  4. I've been testing this theory for years. Have never puked of blacked out from just beer. You fall asleep before either can happen.
  5. I don't necessarily have problem with absentee voting. The issue is in 2020 i think they just mass-mailed a bunch of ballots out in a lot of places based on outdated voter rolls.
  6. Seems gay, so that would mean anyone that likes it is a faggot!
  7. Night 1 of Wrestlemania about to get canceled due to thunderstorms
  8. This sounds like a magical moment. I genuinly jealous
  9. Gimmick infringment? Its true either way
  10. Im drunk r8ght now. Not the besy decision ive ever made, but im happt in the moment. @Bonemaster7000 im genuinly happy for your sobriety! Keep on keepin on!
  11. @Monkey How's it look? Detroit style hawaiian, w/ onions & jalapenos; well done
  12. I love reading that period with the interconnected stories between the different titles, serialized with the triangle numbers on the covers. Theres a huge omnibus for the Death & Return of Superman that I bought 7 or 8 years ago. 1124 pages. After looking it up again now, it looks like they've expanded it a bit further, including some annuals that aren't in my copy.
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