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  1. and if they had, we would have all be wondering what brilliant music we were deprived of
  2. I've made big mac sauce at home fuck me, it doesn't even taste half bad just a pity, the little buns tasted like you're eating a piece of the sahara desert
  3. no more pubs, no more football, no more cinema, no more barbecue with friends, no more action movies, no more rock n roll, no more sex and no more videogames. all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy. they are setting up a perfect social storm
  4. unpopular opinion, but I could easily do without the organ. As much as I love the doors (and morrison's vocal delivery in particular) I think a proper bass player would have been more pleasing to the ears. Case in point, LA Women where they had Elvis's bass player with stunning results. Another unpopular opinion, is that I don't dislike any album of theirs. Even the soft parade, has many standout moments. Personally, I never ranked it as the worst album of theirs. there was a period where I would always play doors albums in my car, and my then 5 year old son was rockin
  5. the SJW's are still figuring out wether black hole is racist or not. but they don't really understand what a black hole even is, cos they're stupid
  6. erdogan is a pig, there's no question about that funny though, how the outrage is all about charles michel, who ""should have anticipated erdogan's shitty move. Why is it that the SJW's don't want to criticise turkey, and other oppressive states like china?
  7. if charles michel doesn't give his seat to von der leyen, he's a sexist. However I seem to remember feminists being offended by men opening the door for them, or offering them a seat, since they think this is a sign of male superiority. damned if you don't, damned if you do von der leyen was then sitting in a sofa, much more cosier than I've usually have the pleasure planting my ass on
  8. the horror imagine stumbling on a photoshoot with oiled trannies per mistake
  9. that suitcase is the stuff of dreams. it's not low key, it's the most outrageous little gizmo ever conceived. it's the mother of all gadgets. Somebody should mass-produce these, it'll be a sure fire marketing hit. More than ever, everybody could do with some self-defence goodies. Miser's near death hit and run episode a recent reminder to the danger on the streets. and moonraker! I vividly remember watching that movie for the first time, and hoping they would go into space, and they did. Everybody around me hated it, but I thought it was brilliant. It speaks to the mind
  10. mmm, that must be a part from after I quit the movie dodged a bullet there
  11. words spoken in 2015 about a well known brand. Moral of the story: the customer doesn't take it lightly when you mess with a formula (I've hidden the brand name in a spoiler since I think this is of no importance; it goes for every brand including the bond franchise: "Thirty years ago, we introduced with no shortage of hype and fanfare. And it did succeed in shaking up the market. But not in the way it was intended. When we look back, this was the pivotal moment when we learned that fiercely loyal consumers -- not the Company -- own and all of our brands. It is a le
  12. I completely stopped watching bond movies after the title song of that movie. I vaguely remember bond walking into a castle being soaked wet or something, then for some reason I decided I really didn't care for modern bond. I stopped the movie, and I have not watched anything bond related since that part. Something that I have kept up until now and which I take some sort of pride in; so I might as well continue to do so. They're not getting a penny from me anymore
  13. this scene is aimed at 7 year olds who go "james bond can never die, he can do everything, he can lift a tank with his own hands"
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