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  1. A quick update: Blackstar posted a Billboard page, confirming October 12 as the planned date for the premiere. However, for some reason it ended up being postponed, and only premiered on October 20, 1991.
  2. I just received an amazing reply in another forum from member Blackstar, who solved the issue (I hesitate to post a link as it's likely against house rules). He posted 2 pages from different newspapers and both state October 12, 1991 (the following day) as the premiere date for Don't Cry. A big thank you for everyone who tried to help!
  3. Could you please explain where you found that date?
  4. That's the info I found as well.
  5. Hi there, I'm doing research for an important project and really need to know what was the Don't Cry music video release date. The project is of somewhat historical importance. A certain event took place sometime within the first days of the Don't Cry music video release, which is why I need relevant information to narrow down the interval. Guessing or making up facts is not an option as it would defeat the project's own purpose. The best I found out is: "October 1991" www.imdb.com/title/tt7107276/releaseinfo It would make sense if its rele
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