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  1. Sounds like it consists of two elite millionaires pretending to be blue collar Americans over eight episodes of dross.
  2. Simpsons was always very ironic and critical and deprecating. Everybody had the piss taken out of them - it had a British sensibility in that sense. I remember when there was a joke about the ''broken (Indian) treaties''. It does not have to conform to woke! Doctor Who is incredibly woke now. They had an episode with Rosa Parks.
  3. Has The Simpson's gone woke? I do remember a storm over Apu a few years ago. I haven't really watched it consistently since the late '90s, when it was at its prime.
  4. Downzy, an exponent of full-blown (neo-imperialist) American interventionism today I see? You seem to believe that American presence in places like Iraq, Saudia Arabia, and other middle east countries is imposed upon said countries. It's not. These nations (for the most part) welcome American financial and military assistance because they know it greatly reduces the chance of a regional war.
  5. I cannot stand Bon Jovi but he's absolutely right. And he has decided to go au naturale with the silver look which is honest. Rose has died pubes growing from his hair. Edit Typo: ''dyed pubes''. Although they are died also.
  6. The ''green baggy'' has religious awe. ''Under the Southern Cross I Stand/A sprig of wattle in my hand/A native of my native land/Australia you fucking beauty''.
  7. HTGTH is utterly dead now, isn't it, and has been for years? About one reply per month?
  8. The ironic thing is mygnr is really not heavy-handed regarding Axl Rose - you can basically call him a lazy fatso. Russ or Ross or whatever he is called was very anti-GN'R whilst moderating. It is the general discussion (politics). At some stage downzy decided that all political posters, most of whom don't even bother discussing Guns N' Roses anymore, should conform to a wokeish political view centred around a heightened and irrational hatred of Donald Trump.
  9. Jarmo is servant to the Cult of the Great Leader, Axl Rose. Rose is a state religion - is there such thing as a hagioarchy? A North Korean feel to the whole thing. Mygnr, a hair rock forum dedicated to an ehh racist-misogynist singer, has been fused with elitist wokeish ideology. I see it as functioning more like Lenin's dictatorship of the proletariat.
  10. I saw the speech Biden made yesterday (I think it was) and he could barely string a sentence together.
  11. Yes. I heard they are a ''proper'' party in Germany. In the UK they are just a few fruit loops - they only have one MP. Sort of a redundant party also since all parties are now greens, including Bojo's supposedly right-wing tories! He was on the phone cucking-up to Biden over carbon emissions.
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