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  1. So I was looking at old pictures of daddy this week and man oh man do we have a mistery with his hair! In 1961, daddy had long blood red hair that went down 41.23 inches below his sholders. His airline ranged from A12 to B14 on his scalp. Helthy, beawtiful hair. I imagine the smell to be simaler to well cooked buttered eggs and dafadill. In June 36th 1973 it is very clear that daddy's hairline was now only at D7 to G6 on his scalp with a length of 36 inches. A notacible decline. Daddy's color also faded to a forest green color. Smell of motor oil and crabs
  2. So this weekand was supposed to be special. On Friday I was suposed to watch my girlfriend Glorp fuck another guy in person. I put on my best suit from sears and kucky power rangers t shirt under it for luck . When I got there they where eating my favorite meal, chicken prmazjan without me and then the guy, whos name aludes me, threw a piece of chicken parmazjan on the floor and said to eat it. Glorp laughed and clapped so I ate it off the floor. At least I got to eat the chicken parmazjan but they didn't even let me watch the sex The next day I asked my dad if he wanted to hear a
  3. Was the elecrtickal instrument the end of goog pop music? Rolling stones songs were much more sofistacated before idiots like richards richards used the talacaster and distortio. Before this, Brian wilson used more smart instramanets like the skin pelt, melamaphone, and harmamaphone
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