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  1. If you finished the first episode you would understand.
  2. He always seems to have a different opinion under oath.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Probably my favorite holiday and it's our year to stay home. My wife only makes me drive to her sister's house every other year (3 hours each way isn't fun with three kids in the car). Just watching holiday movies with the kids waiting for the turkey to come out. Enjoy your day guys! 🦃
  4. The world is a better place without the scumbags he killed.
  5. http://www.instagram.com/p/CHoNvJEA6ob/?igshid=60i9cfmb1iql If anybody here had a bad day today this should put a smile on your face.
  6. I'm not super good with computers but wouldn't a good solution be to force Microsoft to continue updating older operating systems? Then the older voting machines would be as safe as those using Windows 10.
  7. My thoughts exactly. Save the evidence you need for when it really counts. They're up against the clock so the faster it gets through the lower courts the sooner it gets to the Supreme Court. It's like letting the other team score at the goal line so you have enough time to score the last touchdown.
  8. I thought Atlas Shrugged was written for Stephanie's son Dylan.
  9. It's going to get to the Supreme Court and when it does I hope Biden's past comes back to haunt him so fucking bad.
  10. Fuck you Sarah Stewart! Mandalorian is perfect the way it is. Disney owns Fox so CNN is probably out to cancel culture the only thing keeping Star Wars and Disney + alive.
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