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  1. Maybe, having greater intelligence, Whites show more independent or "rebellious" thinking than other races. I've been around enough Blacks to know that while there are indeed great Black people, on the whole, Blacks are far less intelligent than Whites. What they have above Whites is their sense of solidarity against Whitey.
  2. I don’t have any literal trailer trash relatives but my family is pretty trashy. My mom got pregnant at 16, my sister got pregnant when she was 16 while my mom was pregnant with me, my dad had a mullet until 2003-2004, and he wore socks with sandals and a fanny pack in the 1990s. As far as Gilby, I like the mid 90s lineup and think of “what could’ve been” what records or even an original song could’ve sounded like with Axl/Slash/Gilby or Axl/Slash/Paul. Its not about being edgy, because there’s not anyone here I would impress, it’s about what could’ve been.
  3. Izzy actually quit in August just before the Wembley Stadium shows. The decision was made formal on November 7th. Probably with a lot of begging and pleading from Axl and probably when Izzy sent the letter saying “this changes, this changes and I’ll do the next leg of the tour.” So they probably filmed the video in August, and it came out Sept 3rd
  4. DJ Asha is cool cause he does Hulk ears, and he plays metal, and metal is closely related to country, which is what me, Norb, Marla and Howie only listen to. That Gilby faggit, though, he plays faggy rock n' roll. Anythin' less loud and with different lyrical themes than AC/DC is for faggots and trannies
  5. @bacardimayne better, worse, or same level as Gilby's stuff?
  6. Yes, I believe for certain songs, Slash would mention what equipment he used - mainly on the UYI songs. As for CD, I am sure there were some things mentioned. I will try to investigate and see what I can find. I was never into the 'gear' aspect of album production, mainly things like the timelines and stuff so give me some time.
  7. Paul was the sole guitar player in Mank Rage and if you ignore the shitty AC/DC wannabe vocals, I think Paul was NOT a bad guitar player. Not GREAT - Not Slash level. But someone I think capable of laying down a good riff or rhythm. I mean, Chuck Berry and Keith Richards are technically shitty, very limited guitarists - but they did/do what they do well. A good rhythm player should be limited, cause rhythm guitar IMO should be simple, sharp, to the point, unless it's fucking prog or some shit.
  8. Paul Huge, is unironically to me, the most underrated member whose ever been in the band. I think if Slash had actually not been a prick about it, Paul did have the chops to lay THE BASIS for good songs like Izzy did. Izzy on his own is a mediocre guitarist and an OKAY songwriter, nothing special - same as Paul. But Paul and Izzy shared a talent for laying down a basic melody I think, which could have been built upon. But I think Slash was on a trip where he wanted to be THE guitarist in GN'R. He didn't want to share songwriting duties anymore with a second guitarist or trade li
  9. Here's my thing with Gilby: On his own, he is cringe. Persona wise and musically. And it is clear that Axl was probably right in that he was not fit for writing. I do like a few of his solo songs, but he wasn't talented enough to replace Izzy as a songwriting partner which is what Axl wanted. Someone who could be the bridge between him and Slash and come up with bases of good songs. I will say though that live, I think he and Slash clicked amazingly well on the UYI tour, when they would trade parts, especially in 1993, they had a great guitar chemistry but unlike Fortus he didn't overstep h
  10. Who is the cringiest: Gilby, Bumblefoot, or DJ? I say DJ. Nothing is cringier than the Hogan ears or stories of beating up old ladies in hotels.
  11. CD sessions wise: TIL we know dates to 1992 and 1993, it was first recorded at various studios during the UYI tour. Not clear if the whole band or only Axl worked on the initial version. Re-recorded version was worked on probably sometime after 1998 as the 1992-1993 version was considered for inclusion in the soundtrack for What Dreams May Come "Down by the Ocean" dates to April 1995 when Izzy & Duff spent a week writing a dozen songs including "Toothpuller." "Jackie Chan" dates to spring/summer1996 per both Duff and Matt. Duff specifically mentioned the band rec
  12. Songs definitely written after AFD: Patience (1987-1988) Civil War (1987-1989) Get in the Ring (1989-1991) - wasn't finished recording until July 1991, last song recorded by full band Pretty Tied Up (1989-1990) 14 Years (1990) - Axl and Izzy had written two separate songs called 14 years in 1990 and combined them Double Talkin' Jive (1990) - Written during the UYI recording sessions in 1990 Right Next Door to Hell (1990-1991) - Axl didn't write the lyrics until after the wine bottle incident in Nov 90 Don't Cry (Alt) (1990-1991) - written during the UY
  13. Coma "There's this song called 'Coma' that is like 11 minutes and 45 seconds long with no chorus; and I think there is only one verse that, like, somewhere repeats itself. It's Slash's baby, it's his monster. The song used to be called 'Girth'. I started to write about when I OD'ed four years ago, and the reason why I OD'ed was because of stress, I couldn't take it, and I just grabbed this bottle of pills (?) in an argument and gulped it down and I ended up in a hospital. But I liked that I wasn't in a fight anymore and I was fully concious that I was leaving. I liked that. But then I go, al
  14. "Estranged started getting developed when I had a relationship with my ex-wife Erin. And, you know, it just got really dark and, basically, writing the song was one of the only things that kept me together. And I really tried to put into words how I felt in the situation and how much I wanted things to work, you know. And, really, the song helped me to get in touch with my real feelings besides all the arguments and whatever was going on. Like when you get in an argument with somebody and you’re screaming, and yelling, and whatever, and then you go sit by yourself and you go, “That’s not what
  15. Can I be Mayor please? If I elected Mayor, I would do everything you said and more. I would also have NYC become it's own state, and evict all registered Democrats Trail of Tears style.
  16. I just don't respect men who take it up the ass.
  17. "A person is potentially committing suicide, but being politically correct is equally, or more important, than potentially saving a life."
  18. "Oi, Bad Orange Man gone, my life has no purpose now." "Gotta see what CNN tells me to think...." "I wonder if Achmed wants to come over and slam some white English ass tonight."
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