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  1. My father's begging for me to speak to him. He's so lonely with my mother dead. I have to say the feeling of cruelty in denying him an answer to his phone calls is satisfying. 30 years of bullshit doesn't get forgiven easily.

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    2. Pappa FAT

      Pappa FAT

      thats a sad sad situation

    3. John Bonham
    4. AxlisOld


      Let it go man. He said what he said. Oh my god. Let go of the past.

  2. Rush Limbaugh died :( 

  3. Who else wishes Izzy's guitar was higher in the mix on the UYIs?

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    2. Bill brasky

      Bill brasky

      It was meant for miser.

      It's her latest psyh op gag.

    3. GnRLiars


      Ahhhhhhh. Gotcha

    4. philip k. DickhEAD

      philip k. DickhEAD


  4. Sweet 16, she was fresh and clean, wanted so bad to be part of the scene....

    1. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      is this an excerpt from the new rape manifesto?

    2. bacardimayne


      creepiest miser post yet imo

    3. philip k. DickhEAD

      philip k. DickhEAD

      We need to get this place sprayed.

  5. The N64 controller was an elegant weapon, for a more...civilized age. And it was a good friend.

  6. So I sit home, drinkin' alone
    empty bottle in my hand
    Don't even try to sort out the lies
    It's worse to try to understand

  7. I think Bill Clinton, Epstein shit aside, was a good President. In fact the only thing I dislike about him is Hillary.

    1. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      Might be true, but the dotcom bubble and him killing innocent people and probably went on Epstein's island to let out the steam makes him just another death row worthy president

    2. Wilco


      Dot Com bubble was kind of inevitable and was really more the result of greedy and overly ambitious businessmen all rushing in on a hot new trend without realizing they were oversaturating the market. And some probably did realize but didn't give a fuck. Bubbles are a natural part of the business cycle, can't really blame a President for that.

      Every President (including Washington) has had innocent blood on their hands (Whisky Rebellion).

      As far as Epstein's Island - It depends on what he actually did there, if he even went there. They said Epstein had a lot of names in his book of people he wanted to have contact with, not necessarily people he KNEW - more like a list of people he knew + people he WANTED to know. So who knows.

    3. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      burn it all down

  8. GnRLiars, Red was here.

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