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  1. You forgot the hidden bonus track, Axl and Carlos Booy doing an acoustic version of Nirvana's Rape Me, dedicated to Kurt with love from Axl.
  2. I feel like a good chunk of my Generation, and Gen x to a degree, were like microchipped at birth to all believe the same things. It's like sometime during the Obama years, half my generation and maybe a good quarter of Gen X was plunged into the Matrix and became communist drones. I don't think there's been this level of social or cultural censorship in America at least since the days of Wilson and the Red Scare, and even then, maybe not as much. The idea of canceling someone to me is scary. I think the ultimate idea of it is to drive the cancelled person to suicide.
  3. You know all these attempts to provoke me to get me banned aren't gonna work, right? It's kind of a waste of your time.
  4. To be fair, I honestly still think I'd do a better job than Biden or Trump.
  5. At the same time, Stones' music and many other 60s music helped keep soldiers in Vietnam sane. Go read any story a soldier has of this or that Stones song being played on repeat when they were there. Music kept the guys from probably blowing themselves away.
  6. I tried resurrecting my old threads on this, but all older threads seem to be archived. Thought I'd dust this topic off. TSI is still honestly I feel the funnest GN'R record there is. It's not a bad note to go out on necessarily. What are your favorite tracks? And for those who bought it on CD or Cassette or Vinyl back in November 1993, what were your first impressions? What were you expecting?
  7. I did. You know what I'm going to do? Continue posting here. I hope you get the help you clearly need because stalking and obsession are indicators of serious, possibly dangerous mental problems. I hope that you're able to be free of these horrible illnesses and that you're also able to be a less bitter and more happy person. God bless you and your family.
  8. Get in on that affirmative action bullshit. My girl is 25% Black, I tell her use that shit to her advantage, put yourself down as Black, she's ashamed of it. Her grandpa was a black man, she never knew him
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