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  1. When are attention whoring rednecks gonna stop being attention whoring rednecks?
  2. Axl can still rasp, he just doesn't want a sore throat at the end of the show.
  3. Are you guys actually arguing over that shit Izzy song? i'm sorry, but ragnar is right, that song is dogshit.
  4. If he really puts the work in, he could get back into 2010 shape
  5. I made this thread with the purpose of informing everyone that Bill Brasky predicted this would happen. He deserves the credit.
  6. It seems Bill Brasky's report from months ago stating Axl doing voiceover work was true! fuck you @Downzy never underestimate the power of GNFNR http://t.co/jNExr3v0AC
  7. Eh? there's nae video there ya thick cunt.
  8. You seem to have forgotten to include the 2007 MSL leaks to the list.
  9. Cause they're considering unbanning him now, and they're doing a poll.
  10. Yeah, it's a chatroom It's basically really easy to use, and it's very quick to post messages.
  11. So, months ago, cardi got banned from a discord server that he created. By you voting yes on this poll, he will get let back into this server. http://www.strawpoll.me/42626837/r
  12. Everyone has been a piece of shit to one another, miser has been the whipping boy.
  13. Miser is a poster with a lot more to say than you. So instead of saying the generic "shut up miser", you should just shut up yourself and accept that miser is an A grade poster.
  14. BTW, that pic is 100% legit, from inside sources close to GNFNR.
  15. Axl has been working his ass off this 2021, in preparation for the November 2021 dates. Keep up the good work, Axl.
  16. The Chase is easily the best quiz show on TV right now. My favorite chaser is The Beast.
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