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  1. A closeup of his face here A pic from the side, and you can see he has short hair behind his bandana
  2. The last time they played it was actually 1992.
  3. The mixes are 2000, but Axl recorded a shit ton vocals in one week in the fall of 1999 The live era 1996 copy was a misprint Live Era started to be worked on in early 1998, according to engineers who worked in the studio at the time and in April 1999, Slash confirmed that "the live album" was finished and was going to be released later in the year
  4. No the village vocals are all from 1999, and the live era raspy/clean vocals are from 1998.
  5. Ah, Madison Square Garden 1991. Axl DOESN'T want that photo to leak.
  6. @Wilco If you're gonna screech, then screech harder.
  7. This tbh. @auad you have turned into a poor man's Broskirose with these shit "news" threads that are just facts we have already known for years.
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