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  1. Checked out Showtime's Black Monday with Don Cheadle. Gave up after a few episodes as the writing is awful and the anachronisms are through the roof for a show set in '86.
  2. In defense of Jonah Hill, I'd put him up against ANY living female comedian. The fairer sex are as funny as bowel cancer, so he might have a shot at glory.
  3. I'm sure Brazilian GNR tards would gladly clutch at these straws to defend Prince Axl.
  4. GNR and Bon Jovi are quite similar in some ways. Both bands are run by egocentric prima donnas who surround themselves with sackless bandmates (employees, rather). Both bands weathered the grunge era well for hair bands (and yes, GNR were a fucking hair band). Both bands have left their best years long behind them. Both frontmen are difficult to listen to on stage these days. Bon Jovi are the ultimate soccer mom band while GNR are the ultimate soccer dad band. On the other hand, Bon Jovi have released 5 studio albums since 2009 compared to GNR's zero. GNR solely exist for the money
  5. Amen. Ragnar's the only poster here I have on ignore. He's an imbecile with nothing to contribute apart from stating the bleeding obvious and melting down ("cleverly" disguised with his beloved laughing emojis). He's a fucking idiot.
  6. Some here pay way too much attention to MYGNR. It's almost an obsession. Give redundancy the attention it deserves.
  7. I've also found it quite hard to forget Debi Sue Voorhees and her perfect 80's milk jugs. Fuckin BABE
  8. The Call of the Simpsons in particular still holds up for me. *backfiring noises* "Hey Flaaaannnnnders...look what I got!" "Hooo, she's a beaut! Congratulations Simpson, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun!" "Hehehe...jealous"
  9. For heterosexual men it is. This is Will Smith we're talking about here. Guy's about as straight as Cruise and Travolta. Will and Jada have one of those Hollywood bearding relationships like Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest.
  10. @creed can you give me some Axl as Pesci and Duff as Stern? The Woke Bandits
  11. Your face? I would but your country doesn't have running tap water.
  12. Wow...the guy who sits on a cactus all day doesn't find funny stuff to be funny. Mind blowing.
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