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  1. This one's for North Carolina Cmon and raise up Take your shirt off, twist it round yo head Spin it like a helicopter
  2. Every once and awhile I get this craving for tacos. Like I want tacos and only tacos. Then I have 1 and I’m completely over it.
  3. No, this is every month until GTAO launches on PS5. The Amazon/Twitch prime bonuses are at $250k a month now iirc
  4. I said a month or so ago I predict a Trump landslide. 65/35 was what I posted with possibility of 70/30. I'm sticking with it.
  5. The only R* I haven’t played is The Warriors. Actually, I played it for like 15 minutes. Good movie though. Bully didn’t click with me but I dig the idea.
  6. and Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Sony Heres what takes the top of the screen on Spotify right now
  7. I think IV is absurdly underrated but people wanted Marvel movie GTA so they get V. The driving has more depth to it but it was also way too loose and slippery as well if I ranked them I’d go VC > IV > III > SA > V San Andreas has some cool stuff but hasn’t aged well. It’s too long. I love how bizarre it is though.
  8. Disagree x10000 The Classic Rock station was hit or miss, too soft but that radio is so diverse but also excellent.
  9. I think 75% of it is trash but different strokes. I might’ve listened to it more if I could selectively edit which songs appear but choice is a dirty word to Rockstar They're giving out $1mil free a month and do 2XP every week and sometimes 3XP. So from that perspective it’s good for new players. You may get a lobby full of Oppressors and people griefing you with them so sometimes it can be annoying. You can either enter Passive Mode in public lobbies to avoid this and/or use the solo lobby trick to do vehicle or crate sells. The game is way, way
  10. More rap shit for you lol No I agree, I stopped playing for the longest time until I got into doomsday with friends and now it’s officially deleted so I’m done with it I think rockstar is done personally. 2k will make them do whatever makes them the most $$$.
  11. Probably good, my ps4 started overheating regularly and long story short it died so I had to buy a new one. Not surprised if it was GTAs fault
  12. Ok you know the go into a contact mission leave your console on overnight to make money without fees trick then
  13. Don’t zoom in on the hands. Definitely don’t.
  14. How much GTA$ do you have? If you don’t know about the nightclub bunker sells let me know. It takes forever (not exaggerating) but I made like $70mil through it. They posted the same boilerplate, gun-to-head response after the George Floyd thing but I don’t think they’ve gone full SJW and posted a BLM theme. It’s probably only a matter of time. It could be coincidence but Sony has really gone downhill since they moved headquarters to Commiefornia.
  15. I know them feels. I also know the feel of having $2mil in crates and losing it all because you didn’t know about the plane missions. 8 hours down the drain. Still mad about it.
  16. I haven’t played it. The general consensus is Watch Dogs 2 is far better from a gameplay perspective but the idiot Ubisoft characters and writing made me pass it up. Especially after that downgrade nonsense they pulled with the first game. It’s basically a GTA clone with some quirks. More quirks, more GTAness with the second.
  17. Modern women look like hot trash. Also the Sandler murder mystery was good. I’ll give this one a shot. At some point you gotta not take life so seriously. I mean with content like Cuties and the other prop Netflix peddles a wholesome overly sentimental Sandler flick looks like masterpiece theatre in comparison
  18. I reported a guy who was AFK and blocking my view in golf Got a reply from Sony like 30 minutes later saying it wasn’t a violation Creepy P.S. developers need mandatory 5 minute afk boot for online games. at least turn their character invisible. sheesh
  19. Yeah the charges were planted, just needed to light the fuse. The Andromeda reaction was incredible and restored my faith in humanity at least a bit. What a colossal failure, everything involved in it too.
  20. lol no, hit me with it, sounds funny
  21. It won’t be out for another 6 months a tleast And knowing modern BioWare/EA they’ll find a way to ruin it
  22. Wasn’t Chiminos cut like 6 hours? I wanna see that version
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