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  1. Sunshine is good but it has less visual and gameplay variety than the other games. It’s also the hardest in the 3D series if you go for all 120 shines. I like it, worth playing, but ultimately feels half-finished. I remember a combination of the graphics and art design super impressive. The hotel level at sunset is 👌🏻
  2. I’m a couple hours into NieR: Automata. The art design and music are incredible. The robots are endearing as hell. The gameplay is starting to open up and I’m digging it more and more. It’s like a 3D bullet hell game mixed with a hack n’ slash. And you play as a sexy android. I’m gonna sound like a giant weeb but I’ve decided I’m primarily going to play Japanese games going forward. American games are all the same shitlib trash movie games and micro-transaction laden mini-casinos.
  3. I’ll miss Doom. But less so after they axed their awesome multiplayer from Doom Eternal. It’s very Halo 3 with a dash of Unreal Tournament. The rest of Bethesda is a trash fire. Fallout? Meh. Elder Scrolls? The Witcher made it their bitch.
  4. I haven’t been paying attention. Clown World has been getting to me.
  5. 2049 is an abomination and should be memory holed
  6. Damn I miss Halo 3 Many hours burned on that masterpiece
  7. I was making a Clockwork reference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S3vogZ3rEc But also, agree x1000
  8. Based Michigan http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/michigan/2020/09/14/group-gathers-signatures-to-petition-against-gov-whitmers-emergency-powers/
  10. Fair. I bought it once on PS3 at launch and again on PS4 for a discount. I guess next-gen is getting exclusive content but it’ll be the same wonky, 7 year old physics and controls. I’m gonna pass there. But it’s a lot of fun cruising the streets in a fast car or motorcycle with the music turned off after a long hard day of life. There’s something zen about it.
  11. Waggy


    Long answer? It depends on what you’re listening to the most, if it’s music what genre of music, and so on. Different headphones will have different strengths and weaknesses. Do you need to consider other people in the room? The higher quality headphone the more likely you’re gonna need a dedicated amp to power it to get full use out of it. Most wireless headphones suck and should be met with suspicion and mockery any time someone tells you to buy them. Doubly so if it’s some Apple garbage. Short answer? Phillips SHP9500s at $75. Sennheiser Mas
  12. It’s his weakest movie imo but I like the message so it’s alright in my book + The Host Memories of Murder is awesome but The Host is my fav Bong Joon Ho movie
  13. Has anyone seen any good action movies lately? Something off the beaten path perhaps otherwise I’ve probably seen it
  14. I was trying to think of a reason someone would feel that strongly against Nolan and Interstellar was my guess lol. Fair.
  15. This post is terrible.
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