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  1. Completely unsurprising considering he’s a fucking no nothing but also because it was probably some sort of scam to begin with. Victimboi manufactures interest and exits the company with a check. No different than biographies and other open secrets.
  2. This is the distillation of the Soviet propaganda theyre subjecting people to
  3. Chinese food I want more but monkey break branch and monkey sad
  4. Miser you’re close to the mark but still off of it. Irrespective of form of government, if you have an external banking structure divorced from the country itself, you will inevitably have problems. Ditto the corporation. The Constitution attempted as best as possible to avoid centralized power as a fail safe from tyranny. Each branch of government is decentralized to avoid consolidation. But ultimately, collapse is inevitable because everything ultimately flows upwards until, as you say, the time comes where it no longer works. Thus, the next act of th
  5. The TSA thing is a perfect launching point. All that shit popped off, at minimum, because the CSI and FBI didn’t do their jobs. Has it made us safer? Doubt. Anyway back to this we’re talking slippery slope fallacy vs one time coupon. The government doesn’t do one time coupons. And regarding freedom sane people will accept an adjustment period if deemed reasonable but where I am things are still shut down the governor is a petty dictator schools are closed again etc. Franklin - those who would purchase for themselves a little security with essential liberty
  6. Pope of Greenwich Village Daryl Hannah in this movie is fire. You should watch this if you like good acting.
  7. The long and short of it can be hand waved with “if you’re that worried, you get the vax”. If you have the vax, you won’t get the coof. If you assume everyone is good then you don’t have a culture of paranoia and gestapo like bullshit. And as a final point, at no point in US history at least from what I’m aware and covid specifically has giving up your freedom resulted in the reinstatement of freedom.
  8. First Reformed I’m not sure about the ending but I will contemplate. Very interesting movie.
  9. Linguini your line of reasoning is very confused. The centrality of the issue is more or less who should be submissive to whom, the rights of the group vs the rights of the individual. From there it’s a discussion of the virus itself. But spacing is pointless because if you believe in the spore theory of the disease the virus can be airborne. You can be spaced out all you like but if you take a whiff at just the right moment, boom. Furthermore it indulges a certain pathology. We can’t be 6 feet apart forever.
  10. Watch the CDC on CNN clip I posted the other day. She says we’re opening anyway and if we reopen then why would people get the vaccine? You’ll see the whole thing for the hustle it is. Even disregarding that Fauci and the ghouls say the vaccine won’t be fully preventative so if someone eeks through the cracks even if we lay down our freedom and spread eagle, the disease will theoretically be in the air and environment. An asymptomatic person could still have the passport give it to other passporters, etc. So what’s the purpose of the passport? It enables further governmen
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