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  1. I haven’t watched AEW since it’s debut PPV and I am an expert and AEW is terrible.
  2. The data was scraped from the NYT website and a couple of different people have compiled the data, looking for repeat votes, OOS votes, and so forth. If you want to investigate further, it’s a good starting point. Or you can keep on being an arms folded tough guy.
  3. Should Axl Rose do something, anything new with his career? Yes.
  4. In addition to the above, Sidney files her Georgia lawsuit tomorrow.
  5. This is how leftists operate. Agitate, lie, misrepresent, distort, commit crimes, double speak, and when they win, act magnanimous and spout empty platitudes. It is sickening, of course.
  6. It's always been this way though. Thanks to the internet, people have the resources to see through the lies. No major network or publication is innocent, at minimum they all have particular viewpoints, biases, and masters to answer to.
  7. Nope, I'm letting others sort through it first. I'm not expecting anything more salacious than what was leaked originally. They wouldn't bury the lede. Still gross, though.
  8. Not really. In the one case, it's obvious self defense. The others are more arguable. The McClosky's had every right under Missouri law castle doctrine and they still got charged by a DA with a grudge, obvious bias, and Soros-sponsorship.
  9. I mean they'll suicide anyone for anything but the FBI had it for a year and it was the guy's rightful property by law. Here are the files.
  10. The only bad thing about McChickens is there isn't more of them.
  11. The unfortunate reality is normies were happy to do so. If COVID hadn't happened, the 2020 tour would've fallen flat on its face, maybe forcing them to look in the mirror. But the end level truth is most bands and band management either respect their fanbase and are happy to release things or aren't in a position to not release / remaster things regularly, so they naturally cater to the fanbases needs. It's a positively cooperative, symbiotic relationship opposed to an antagonistic one.
  12. It appears all of Hunter Biden's laptop has leaked. I'll let the autists sort it out.
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