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  1. Sorry to hear that mang. I went to one this summer that I suspect they were able to do because it was outside. These arbitrary policies are absolutely ridiculous and inhuman.
  2. Those are nodes on a map, isolated facts and factions. You have to tie the nodes together with evidence that they are connected and did this or that. You can't just arbitrarily tie them together.
  3. Edit: Video from earlier this year my bad
  4. I'm gonna do some McChickens off of a girls back
  5. I feel bad for Burrow. That sucks.
  6. If you're curious, you might as well read the letter from GSA chick.
  7. It's from CNN as noted in the end of the Tweet. It references:
  8. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  9. Here's the Wayne County Clerk admit she didn't hire Republicans and instead hired non-answers to fill the quota. http://streamable.com/kf9spa
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