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  1. Rick Dunsford went to Tom Zutaut's dealership a month or so ago. He bought three tracks from him: Zodiac 13 w/ vocals, an alternate demo of Hard School with a different vocal take, and an Axl piano ballad for $3k. Zodiac 13 w/ vocals is described as similar to Oh My God, mean vocals, very angry. Hard school has raspy verses. It got the This I Love treatment pretty much. Tom Zutaut has over 400 CDs from the Village era. @axlrosefan4life
  2. My fellow Americans, due to the overwhelming amount of Black squares teenage girls are posting on Instagram, the Supreme Court of Justice has decided end racism completely. We did not think you would go to such extreme measures but you have very much proved your point. The Military will be told to stand down just please stop. Thank you
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