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  1. I recently remembered a guy on GNREvo saying that The General had been given to another band, and he put the YouTube song up. This was before Evader put the clip out for us all to hear, so I thought it would be interesting to compare. Here was his explanation: I was road manager in Universal Mexico and I was assigned to "Jaguares", a Mexican rock band. I don't remember but in 2010 the lead singer from the band was in "writers block" so we want to help. We call to HQ in USA and they send us a couple of CDS from "Untitled Project CD", we convince to Saul (lead singer) to give a chance and he likes a "BAND JAM RNG" and he creates a song from that audio. We were wondering about the band who record that and we were very surprised when the HQ call us to say "Its a Guns N Roses song, Axl Rose is working right now". I and another 6 guys were fired because Axl Rose was very fucking angry. Its was the first version of "The General". The audio is similar - you can kinda sing the 'do you recall who would do this to you, do this, to you' bits over it. Official (I think) link below. In addition to the above, I do think some of the instrumental demo's will appear in other works. I've seen someone post Buckethead instrumentals that sound like Shacker's Revenge (not his original Shackler song with Bootsy Collins). I've recently read there is an album by Siren Cues called Eclectic Cinema. This features Melissa, Brian and Paul Huge - and someone said the track Cobalt is The General. I've not heard the song myself. http://www.apmmusic.com/albums/SIR-0035 I've also just read the instrumental demo 'As it Began' was released by Saive, featuring Richard Fortus and is called Goodbye. Official link below.
  2. No. It was always believed they were because of an IP match on MyGnr. The original explanation (Warchild asked Maribeth to log in and post something for him) wasn't believed at the time but turned out to be true.
  3. You are correct. Before Axl announced he was liberal, Mojo leaned to the right with his politics, and was very much against Islam, and the Islamification of the West. Muslim poster Lost Highway would testify, as he bore the brunt. The second Axl revealed his leftism, Mojo immediately followed
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