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  1. do what you want with oil stock, but imo I would buy into fast food stock.
  2. fast food companies for sure! when they are closed and stock is down, wait till they re open and stock is up and you will make a lot of money.
  3. no, I was trying to motivate you to make money.
  4. 6 months down the line, what do you think about it now compared to what you originally thought?
  5. Brasky you supposedly know what's happing in the hoarding shadows, tell us. we are ready to hear what is really out there in the hands of hoarders.
  6. @Pappa FAT why do you hate Chinese people so much? it's not their fault that their government produced this virus in a lab. I get a lot of racist vibes from you, I just hope you aren't racist
  7. lol manets, you were exposed as a fake and a fraud long ago. good to see you not acting like an insider these days.
  8. isc Classic early Keith: Probably got treated well at Harrods, even after pocketing that paisley handkerchief. The slightly crooked bangs are in interesting touch. Self-inflicted? Same haircut as above, non self-conscious. Practicing his chords during detention. Two shampoos less a week: On his way to juvenile delinquency, vocational school or rock stardom. Mum concerned. On the brink of stardom, and even brattier. Three shampoos less a week. The ironic just-about-to-be-thrown out
  9. MSL clearly got the last laugh out of this, he blackmailed big red's entourage and made 30k out of it while no fans got to read any emails nor a single sentence out of Axl's book.
  10. @evader where is our Oklahoma with vox remix?
  11. @Fernando come on dude we've been doing your job for decades
  12. WTF is bacardimayne? is it a flavour of vodka?
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