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  1. The Rio 2001 one w clean voice sounded dramatic, but still good. I have always liked the higher octave shit, save for those Mickey ones. Rock Am Ring 2006 was great for example
  2. He started oversinging that spot back in 2001 and it grew more aggressive in 2006, when he got his voice back. I wonder why this still hasn't been a thing to discuss after 20 years
  3. Some nutswinger's copy-paste, right?😄
  4. I have linked this beloved thread on Fatbook comment sections on a few occasions, resulting in Rick liking my comments and some nutswingers still trying to attack me
  5. Stupidity knows no borders, a few days ago some kind of Fatxl nutswinger decided to respond to my year-old Fatbook comment about the fat man and his shit band. I ignored it, but then the fucker had like 5-6 hissy fits in a row and then I was just like "lol at those nutswingers for losing their shit over a year-old comment criticizing their fat man". I even thought it was some kind of Mojo alt acc, the guy is also extremely aggressive when it comes to defending his favorite shit band
  6. I had basically forgotten that the fat fuck even had a birthday.
  7. I would get it if Axl had stood several hours prior the show in the rain. The fat fuck probably had even some roof above his fat head. I have also done physical work in the rain and only after a few hours I felt cold, tired and uncomfortable, but I'm also 28 years younger and in much better shape than he was back then.
  8. Hold my raincoat. Axl sounded decent on the last half of Jungle though
  9. To be honest, Gilby has aged pretty well, even better than Doof before he took a turn for the worse in 2019-2020
  10. I don't think that one miserable occasion should disqualify him from being a decent guitar player overall
  11. I do actually appreciate Ron a lot - a humble, down-to-earth guy and trying to give a shit. This minor fuck up was actually nothing compared to what Fat Axl was - destroying the first half of Jungle, most of NR and being really pissed during Patience
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