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  1. And Doof said "fuck him". I think I'm slowly gonna lose the last hope of a full reunion. Izzy was definitely my fav member. Sloosh is tolerable, but I don't know who I despise more, Fatty or Doof. They are both extremely appalling to me
  2. Izzy would likely be lots of cigarettes and unshared equal loot + the best known ingredients were the first ones to be made, then some niche stuff kind of resembling the former
  3. I still tend to believe that Fatty still can't let go of that 1997 feud when Matt owned him only to get fired
  4. Please send me too
  5. I started listening to GNR in January 2018, 2 months short of being 18 and by August I was a more educated fan than an average casual. And I started smoking in Sep 2016 at the age of 16 1/2
  6. In our country a pack of 20 cigs is 4,75€. I started in Sep 2016 at the age of 16 and the price range of various cigarettes was 3,00-4,00€ when now it's like 3,80-4,75€. It isn't a great habit, now I'm occasionally out of breath and wheezing like the fatman himself after running or carrying heavy things. And I'm fucking 20 years old
  7. S H O W Fuck, I was late to the "S" thing
  8. I smoke Marlboro Golds now for over a year. Unfortunately, most of the cigarette products have now gone to shit
  9. I was a smoker for 1,5 years already when this thread was active. I still smoke and follow the fatband just for the leaks about as old as I am and older shows, so is it a double negative?
  10. Nah, I am too right-wing for that. How about Kanye West or Kid Rock?
  11. Maybe he was just hungry and then blamed Trump for it
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