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  1. Dizwald on piano did a pretty good job on Nightrain at HOB 2001
  2. Here goes my list: Welcome To Paradise F.O.D When I Come Around Basket Case Time Of Your Life Waiting Longview Warning Minority Dominated Love Slave She American Idiot Jesus Of Suburbia Holiday Letterbomb Homecoming Wake Me Up When September Ends Give Me Novacaine Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Are We The Waiting St. Jimmy 21 Guns 21st Century Breakdown Oh Love Still Breathing Revolution Radio Bang Bang Know Your Enemy Whatsername Troubled Ti
  3. I listened to them a lot back in 2017 and watched numerous live shows/bootlegs. I have kinda estranged from them due to their woke fatshit attitude w BJA basically telling a Trump-supporting fan to "never fucking listen to their songs" when the latter expressed some concerns over the woke shit.
  4. Last time I watched a movie on my own strong will was Johnny Got His Gun back in Oct 2019. It was some good shit.
  5. @EstrangedTWAT was supposed to have shit ton of bootlegs and was willing to spread them around in means of showing the middle finger to Mojo and Wanker
  6. We Will Fat You In The Fat Of The Foods... Revisited Keep Your Food All Fries Another One Eats The Crust Seventh Grease Of Rye
  7. Not into gaming, sorry. Also, my phone ain't shit for it
  8. I'd like to live my life to the fullest though, even if it means dying young, but having done shit instead of kicking the bucket at 80+ in some nursing home while having been useless, lonely, fat and shit. I can only hope I won't fuck up mentally even further
  9. I have several options. Either peacefully ending the year w family, having a drinking binge w friends for the first time ever or if the last 5 weeks of the year get unbearable, I might just overdose on strong pills+vodka as if those 21 years of SHIT didn't matter(they never did)
  10. And how old are you? Most main posters here are like 35-50 years old
  11. lol budd at beating his own high score
  12. At least I know enough shit to be a part of some decent discussion. I'd rather be an educated fan for 3 years than a casual for 30 years who knows nothing but SCOM or PC. You know what? Coma, Dead Horse, OTGM etc can also be used as piss breaks. It's not like when TIL started, the whole stadium or atleast third of it went to have a piss break. You are seemingly one of those who throw a fucking tantrum over someone disagreeing w you.
  13. I will be 21 in 4 months
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