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  1. 1. Welcome To The Jungle 2. Chinese Democracy 3. It's So Easy 4. The Blues 5. Dust N' Bones 6. 14 Years 7. State Of Grace 8. Madagascar 9. November Rain 10. Dead Horse 11. This I Love 12. Paradise City
  2. I'm going to pull a nutswinger here. As much as I despise the current fat Axl, I wouldn't wish death upon him. His death would definitely one of the saddest days in rock music since 24 November 1991 in my honest opinion. What he was until 1994, can be considered one of the greatest and most notorious rockstars.
  3. I believe you misunderstood my post. I believe that a full reunion/no TB should happen. It's what I would want. I wasn't saying that I believe it will happen, as it's not likely in the meantime.
  4. I am a huge CD fan and I also prefer 2010
  5. I was around for only one show. And it can be considered as SHIT by overall standards
  6. Wish I was that old to attend some Europe 2006 or 2010 shows. Budapest 2006 was the one where Robin had several hissy fits while Axl was chill and apparently surprised as well. And the Brazilian faggot did an unforgivable move concerning the 12 May show.
  7. As much as I love to shit on the Fat Band, I don't want them to pack it up. I believe in full reunion and no Team Brazil.
  8. In Estonia, you could get a beaten up, but running 20-25 year old car for 300-400€ + 50€ registration fee. The minimum wage is around 400-500€, like 3,70€ an hour. I don't work all the time, but I get 6-7€ an hour under the table. Also, our average pay is around 1000-1200€, for that you could get something from 2003-2006ish
  9. I am physically somewhat active as well, not really being a couch potato. Yes, I should travel some time, I have visited Switzerland and the biggest attraction for me was the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux back in late 2015. I speak Estonian and English actively and can speak some coherent sentences in Russian and German.
  10. Cougar looks cool. I tend to use public transport if I'm too broke even for gas.
  11. My car cost a total of 400€, a yearly inspection is 40€ and the insurance is roughly 180€ a year. I need a few hundred euros to repair it into an excellent condition, as it's a bit rusty and some smaller shit needs replacing
  12. I also hated Finck when I started becoming an above casual fan. As the time went by, I had grown to like him to an extent. In my opinion, he is a pretty great player, his CD solos are note-worthy, especially TIL. Ashba is right in the middle, he tried to play the solos the way they were written while Robin tried to play NR in his own way for example, yes he butchered it but it actually sounded like a legit melody. Sloosh is just a noodling and wanking mess. Also, Finck wasn't as spineless as Doof, Sloosh, Dizwald, Ferreira or Fordlin.
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