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  1. If the fat fuck was truly depressed and in a deep shit, I would understand why there was no album or shows in 1994-2000, then again 2003-2005, as those were the years he was a recluse after he broke up w/ Fatmour. He truly needs a better management and companions, so he would be motivated to make music and not lashing out on Twitter, dividing his fatbase. Beta and Fernando have learned that the fat fuck is actually extremely vulnerable and insecure, so they're taking advantage of it. I wouldn't be surprised if he's aware of it now and doesn't know what to do, as he's been fucked over before. Peacefully discussing random shit w/ some people who might have different life philosophies than him(fit, athletic people, Trump supporters, Republicans or what else) would also be great in terms of broadening his mind.
  2. Most of those rambling, ranting and other-side-denigrating liberals/conservatives are mentally ill in my opinion. They tend to think that only their opinion matters and God forbid if someone disagrees w/ them or calls out a Breitbart/Occupy Democrats meme. And I say that as a person who leans right.
  3. Pro Towel is doing an excellent replying job there.
  4. The nutswingers on Twitter claim that they have the fat fuck while conservatives have Ted Nugent. Don't they have Dave Mustaine and Gene Simmons as well?
  5. Just like the fat fuck, I can also go way over the top, although I'm bullshitting mainly on Messenger or Instagram Direct, not publicly. I almost have even had legal troubles because of taking the piss out of some people I didn't like.
  6. The fat fuck clearly has some mental issues probably caused by loneliness, betrayal or whatever shit that would break one's heart and fuck up their mind. In his defence, I can really relate, as I likely also have bipolar like the fatman is alleged to have and have been through lots of shit caused by certain people. During my shittier periods, I would also throw shit at random people I don't like, randomly pull off a really bad tantrum or just acting like a recluse in order to avoid people. If he was truly at peace w/ himself, he would likely stick to music and eating and not ranting and rambling like a fucking whiny bitch. I'm saying that because I have similar behavioural patterns. He's been badly fucked up since 1993.
  7. While I despise your solos, the Orlando one was the best by far and there were bits that were actually enjoyable. Why can't you do an extended solo, Sloosh? The first part would be the original Robin solo and then your wankery stacked there after the former.
  8. Seattle and Orlando 2016 are vocally excellent versions w/ barely any wheezing, the latter even having a decent-ish Sloosh solo. Yet the best solo was probably from Tokyo 2009, though Axl sounded bad there on that particular song. Kinda dig the London 2012 clean voice version as well, especially the first chorus.
  9. Queen's Europe/Japan 1979 gigs were amazing compared to that
  10. @bacardimayne you should try to rewrite So Fine lyrics describing Doof like you have written lots of Fat Axl lyrics
  11. I miss Izzy. The fucker is an average singer, but I am more than sure that he would pull out a decent Dust N' Bones and 14 Years while being nearly 60
  12. Albany, Boston and New York were some of the better 2002 gigs. Although his high voice was clean, he had some good rasp on his lower range at times
  13. The wheezing debacle hit really hard in late 2016 after FAT/DC though
  14. http://mphiphop.com/guns-n-roses-the-blues-with-fortus-solo/
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