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  1. Some casuals are retarded enough when it comes to listening. Yes, the video is very poorly synced but the troll sounds barely different compared to the fat man
  2. I strongly disagree when it comes to songs the fat band hasn't done yet. You could literally troll a casual w those and imagine Fat Axl actually trying to pull those off. Waiting for a Teo TorriFATte or State Of Grease remake though
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=/WDynFluHPJs this wheezing mess needs to be redone. Freddie is beyond shit, but imagine the fat man if you will.
  4. The owner of this channel should ask for requests. Fat Man would probably die in agony if he had to do Jailhouse Rock or Stone Cold Crazy
  5. Our little beef was pretty much an one-off shit, so I would just sit back and enjoy their drama. Yes, I might unknowingly derail threads at times, but I try to not shove certain things down others throats. Case closed
  6. fumf aside, would be fun if you did what ET and I proposed
  7. I had a small battle w him in some Miser thread a few days ago
  8. I'm in. Featuring @Budd Dwyer and @Ragnar. That would be even more epic if those two fuckers were let loose on Miser
  9. I hope shit like BTS dies or all those modern "musicians" being featured on some retarded TikTok videos.
  10. What was seen, can not be unseen, sadly
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