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  1. All the money in your pension fund, gone.
  2. I think she's a Trump supporter, explains why dazey spends so much time being downzys bitch.
  3. His test was a false negative, he should take another.
  4. The wall has always been about keeping the Mericans in, not so much about keeping anyone out. Merica will need all the slaves it can get.
  5. It's all designed to keep you clicking and to keep you angry. http://qz.com/1039910/how-facebooks-news-feed-algorithm-sells-our-fear-and-outrage-for-profit/
  6. Phalaris grass and there's lots of acacia trees in OZ
  7. "Too old to die young now..." Brother Dege
  8. http://rense.com/general96/beirut-bomb.mp4
  9. http://rense.com/general96/low-yield-tactical-nuke.mp4
  10. If you can upload a photo of them, I'll try to identify them.
  11. Genetically modified super dope, plant them then get high.
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