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  1. I'm listening to the HOB show again and there are some very high notes in there and I always wondered if he could sing it live. What do you think?
  2. The adrenochrome be hittin' hard these days
  3. Reverse case. Shit album cover but great album
  4. Both bands have their strong and weak points, but both were good in what they were doing. No need to be a nostalfag elitist boomer
  5. He'll be declared dead and the band will dedicate a 1hr 30min kohd to him
  6. It actually makes sense. Being alone with your thoughts can be difficult and even a lot more if you have been diagnosed with depression or something like that
  7. We know that the band will keep treating its fans like shit, and most of the people that listens to them are casual fans so they don't care too much about what's really going on Axl has been changing his vocal technique so much that his vocal chords may be destroyed in a few years Fan vids will still be deleted and a lot of material will be gone or it will be hard to find So what's next? Will Axl find a way to sing that he can use for years without having to sound like a dying mickey mouse? Will we be able to post a fucking lyrics or live video without it being taken down in just 2 minutes? The question is: Will things get better?
  8. If this virus has a special purpose, it can't be "to control the population" since the mortality rates are very low and the risk groups are "specific" (if you catch it you can only die if you are +65 and/or have respiratory problems) If you want to find its real purpose you gotta look at what it has done since it's around (global crisis?)
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