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  1. Lol even 4tus is tired of playing in autopilot mode the same fatlist over and over for casual retarded monkeys that pay $200 to see fataxl butcher the songs he wrote 30 years ago
  2. http://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/external/LBLkiszDYlExs4mnQK1y2Hdmj8UAscwR4cdZrFYlJA0/http/i.imgur.com/QLxMeTK.mp4
  3. Update: fleebis got banned, management realized it could've been him, unbanned him and realized it was too late 😆
  4. He didn't prove it yet, he didn't get in the voice chat cause apparently he has trouble with his computer lol nando
  5. Nando must be reading these kind of threads since 2010 while thinking "not yet, but soon"
  6. Now we have to wait if the fat fucking retard likes them and decides to release them in 2056
  7. Leave cardi alone, he's just a poor autistic guy having a temper. Just end his suffering by ignoring him and forcing him to move on since nobody is giving him attention about useless drama anymore
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