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  1. This is sort of a more concise "war on hoarders" thread but I wanted to ask: Beyond the Village shit from last year, is there any clear or legit idea of what exactly is out there in the wild - whether that means in hoarder's hands or what - basically anything that GN'R made between 1993 and 1997, and anything nuGNR did between 1997 and onward that's circulating which most haven't heard? I ask that this be a serious thread and not a venue for shitposting. We know that as of early last year, the Duff/Izzy material written for GN'R from 1995 along with two actual GN'R songs called Tooth Puller and Machine Gun which were recorded in April 1995 were discovered in storage and delivered to management. We know one of the Duff/Izzy songs called Down by The Ocean was something Axl saw promise in and had asked Izzy for. Even though those tapes are in the band's hands now, they were at least "in the wild" as of early last year. But what else is out there?
  2. At the very least, IMPLORE the dumb motherfucker not to destroy it. It's not his to destroy. Motherfuckers.
  3. Tooth Puller is from 1995. Let's pool together some money and get this fucking thing.
  4. So today I bought: Egg white omelet with vegetables. No meat. One Strawberry newsquick (50 calories) I also bought 1/2 lb of mozarella cheese to snack on over the next few days which will probably be a primary meal, and 3 other nesquicks. So my diet will be a couple of slices of cheese and some nesquick and at most a side of avocado for the week. I'll be doing a 16 hour shift today. The above will be my only meal, with perhaps a second Nesquik for "dinner."
  5. The Beatles wanted to hold your hand. The Stones wanted to “spend the night together” and were complaining about a girl being on her period in 1965: “baby better come back, maybe next week, cause you see, I’m on a losing streak” on Satisfaction.
  6. I just don’t like The Beatles. Never been a fan outside of maybe 10 songs. Some people don’t like Led Zeppelin, some people don’t like Aerosmith, some people don’t like The Beatles. Just cause I’m not a fan doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge they changed music forever.
  7. And frankly Our Lady Peace did a better version of Tomorrow Never Knows than the original
  8. They were fucking pop rock, with isolated elements of coolness like Helter Skelter, Tomorrow Never Knows, Don’t Let Me Down, Get Back, etc. They’re like, the goody two shoes Harry Potter golden boy bullshit of popular music
  9. Also cool stuff before and after the Vietnam era. This is from 1973 1974 83
  10. Harlem shuffle wasn’t the lead single off that record, this was Also dirty work (which Harlem Shuffle is off of) wasn’t a comeback album, it was a break up album. Mick and Keith weren’t on speaking terms during the production, there was no tour to support it, and each focused on their solo careers for the next few years. Steel Wheels was the comeback record in 1989. Mixed Emotions, Sad Sad Sad, Rick and a Hard Place being the lead singles off that one
  11. The Beatles were always so fucking safe and tame though. I don’t really view them as a rock band. They were basically a pop boy band with rock edges
  12. I bounce back and forth between being an Agnostic Catholic and being curious about Protestantism.
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