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  1. That argument didn't fly at Nuremberg, and it's not gonna fly here.
  2. So, using Apple Music, I downloaded Live Era. Listening to the songs, I discovered that many were censored so as to be PC. The worst example is Used to Love Her: Axl’s little speech at the start is now (removed lines in parenthesis): ”This is something off GN’R Lies. Now if you know anything about us, we write with, based off an element of truth. This is like, the only song we’ve written kinda like fantasy and a joke, cause you know, it’s kinda a sick subject. But you know, sometimes you think about when your girlfriend or your boyfriend is just a pain in the (fucking ass) This is something called I used to love her (but I had to kill her is deleted).” Every chorus is now: ”I used to love her, but I had to (deleted) her” She bitched so much is still in there.
  3. Was wondering - Let’s say a band go into a studio to rehearse, is it more likely, or not, that their chosen producer would be there? For example let’s say GN’R walked into the Complex in 94 to record new songs - would Mike Clink have been there to oversee the session or is a (non concert) rehearsal or jam a different animal than a proper recording session? I’m only using GNR as an example, not to make the post about that band. Like, what’s the line behind a band just fucking around in a studio and the producer being called in to actually get something from the material? Am curious for several reasons.
  4. Best song: Rocket Queen Best production: literally any song off TSI
  5. Thing is I genuinely forget I’ve written X or Y thing before, and I honestly think I’m coming up with something new. I don’t use the search function really because being confronted with my cringey old threads brings me down. Im also dependent on Xanax so like, it’s really nothing personal. I couldn’t fucking tell you what I had for dinner two nights ago, much less a post I made a year ago. and because GNR as you say, every topic has been covered, there’s only a narrow pool of shit to talk about, so shit tends to naturally repeat. With such a small discography - of which half is kinda shit - what is there really to talk about? “Ritz 88 was amazing!”, “Izzy quitting wrecked the band!” “Teddy ZigZag dressed like a pirate!” This is a glorified hair band which hasn’t done anything of note since 1991, which frankly attracts freaks and I’m a fucking freak as well. This is not a normal fan base in any sense of the word and never has been. Izzy said as much once. I’m a member for years of boards related to other rock bands and never ran into nearly as much trouble. The GNR fandom is unique in its dysfunction. Even Beatles boards aren’t as tense or hostile.
  6. A couple of reasons: -I do make repetitive threads. It’s not really on purpose, honestly...I genuinely forget that I’ve made a certain thread a year or so ago. And it happens more than once and people think I’m spamming or trolling. I have a wide array of interests but honestly, they’re not stuff most here would find interesting. So my topics are a bit restricted in that regard. As far as the repetitive posts re Guns - To be honest at this point there’s only so much one can talk about regarding GNR. There’s literally no topic that hasn’t been talked about by someone before, so even when I do actually come up with a “new” topic (new as in new for me), it’s something someone has already discussed. And that annoys people, even if it’s not my intention. There’s not really many things to talk about with GNR which is why most posts come back to how fat and shit Axl is. -I was pretty fucking abusive and hostile and nasty to people when I was younger on here and some of the things I said were pretty unforgivable. A member had told me how their mother died of cancer and then they were drunk and being kinda fucked up toward me, so I went nuclear and said mean shit about their dead mom. Basically, I’ve had a history of being attacked and reacting in a really ugly way that is 10x worse than the initial attack on me. The people offended then aren’t gonna forgive, and they really don’t have to, and any attempt by me to apologize is seen as insincere. Because there’s been times when I’ve apologized and then something shitty had been said toward me and I’ve gone nuclear again and rinse/repeat. I will say I react - I never really started fights. I just went nuclear in my response. I said truly wretched and evil shit. So now it becomes a circle jerk of hostility and then when I blow up, it’s seen as an inevitable meltdown, but really it’s just a reaction to still being hated for things I did ten years ago. It’s hard for me to accept that certain people will never like me here. It’s hard to accept I’ll never be forgiven for certain things and that pisses me off too. -When I post about things I like, its usually the same 3-5 people who derail the thread and cause it to die. Beyond that, because I’m me, the things I like are instantly kinda hated by the same 3-5 people. I could say “sky is blue” and people would say fuck you. Which goes back to point 2 - I’ve earned a lot of justified hatred over the years. -Most people here don’t really like GNR anymore. So topics about it that aren’t shit posting are annoying. People like Auad etc who still like the band are only tolerated because they don’t have my history -History of melodramatic exits and woe is me bullshit and big, really cringey apology threads followed by the same reactionary behavior, followed by a big apology, melodramatic exit or whatever. It wore people down and people don’t take anything I say seriously as such. And my mere presence annoys them because of it. -Axl hairline threads and other bizarre shit over the years theres a lot and 99% I brought on myself years ago. The problem is the feelings of disdain and animosity are so ingrained that I literally cannot change, because no one wants me to, and even if I did, it would be seen as insincere, and attacked. The Miser role is one I created by being a scumbag at 18-20 and now I can’t escape it
  7. I don’t pick fights anymore. I respond. I won’t back down. He and his buddies come into every thread to derail it cause they can’t let go. And he will get a response every time.
  8. The movie should start with the demo version of OIAM.
  9. Not necessarily. He’s a pretty good conversationalist; remember when he was on the Eddie Trunk show back in 2006? He may be a piss poor singer and utterly non productive musician at this point but I think he’d be entertaining if paired with the right person. JMO. and the general public opinion nowadays has improved a lot, to at least being apathetically neutral. It’s mainly the older fans who still remember his 90s antics that harbor any bad feelings.
  10. I hear tell that AxlisOld’s wife will let you splitroast and/or DP her while he watches if you keep it up! They’re into that sorta thing although usually it’s black guys, not nerdy GNR fans. Line up fellas!
  11. It’s probably a good thing for music there aren’t more bands like GNR.
  12. I've read next season will be the last.
  13. -Ditch the GN'R name -Tour with a backing band and Slash, Izzy, and Duff as revolving guests. Perhaps Slash as part of the backing band since Slash needs the money. -Ditch all GN'R songs of Jungle, SCOM, Patience, NR, PC -Create new acoustic based, or piano based songs with guitar elements (not 10 min long) -Sing in his lower register and other parts of his real voice which are intact -Dress utterly gaudy and just spend the rest of his career doing an endless Vegas residency ?
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