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  1. One more disaster ought to do the trick.
  2. Am I the only one looking forward to the ‘Birds of prey’ movie? 

  3. Cunt

    TV Party

    Brightburn the movie was great as well. Why isn’t there more hype for Birds of prey?
  4. Cunt

    TV Party

    The boys/Animal Kingdom/ Yellowstone or the Witcher Im watching ‘His dark Materials’ right now, it’s pretty good....and oh yeah...’Watchmen’....fuck, maybe I need to get life....
  5. @Bill Brasky, maybe she charged to much for services rendered?
  6. @deelowbrown ...but I already had to give a virtual hand job to the administrator just to get in.
  7. Yellowstone, season one, Paramount Network.
  8. @GnRLiars my boobs are way more saggy
  9. This is my first forum...thought I should jump right in and waste

     time with the big boys. 

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    2. Cunt


      Depends on the day


    3. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      Every day is a salami day

    4. Cunt


      You must work in whore house lol


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